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South King Fire Recruiting

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South King Fire Department Recruiting Firefighters

.In the heart of South King County, Washington, the South King Fire Department stands as a beacon of excellence in fire service. Committed to safeguarding lives and property, this department has earned a stellar reputation for its unwavering dedication, community outreach, and top-notch firefighting capabilities. Equally impressive is the department’s commitment to cultivating and nurturing a highly skilled and dedicated team through a rigorous testing and hiring process.

 History and Heritage: Established with a

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How To Become A Firefighter Faster

Today, i’m going to check off one major obstacle you’re probably feeling in the pursuit of becoming a paid, professional firefighter.

So…You want to be a firefighter, but you don’t know exactly what you should be doing and when to make it happen?


That stress is now gone.



I’m beginning to post all of the sections of a 12 step guide to becoming a firefighter faster that I wrote.  It’s going to be released  as a series … Read the rest

5 Ways to combat the Winter Blues

If you woke up this morning feeling a little less vibrant than your usual self, you’re not alone. The third Monday of January is known as “Blue Monday”in Europe, and researchers there have created a mathematical formula to show that today is the day people feel most depressed out of the entire year.

A combination of the cold weather, short days, post-holiday woes, waning motivation for New Year’s Resolutions, and the simple fact that it’s Monday, all conspire … Read the rest

November warmth

Fall, what a beautiful time of year – earlier bedtimes, cooler temperatures and the warmth of a homemade soup.   Remember within the hustle and bustle to take a moment for a little self-nurturing.  It is so important to treat yourself to even 5 minutes of quiet, relaxation, meditation, or whatever it is that allows you to be you, balanced and free of stress.

Food Focus for November – Root Vegetables

The roots of any plant are its anchor and foundation; … Read the rest

Firefighter Education Requirements & Suggestions

As with most employment opportunities, the higher the education level, the better; particularly in regard to salary and promotions. The same can be applied to the career of a firefighter, mainly due to the fact that most departments require certain certifications and credentials, such as the emergency medical technician (EMT), and at the very least a high diploma or GED. On top of that, having a college degree will increase a fire fighter hopeful’s chances of obtaining employment in this … Read the rest

When life gives you lemons: Fight Cancer, Boost Immunity, Improve Digestion and More.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and many other wonderful dishes.  But wait! Use the whole lemon.  Yes ! The peel also.  The peel contains 5 to 10 times more of the vitamins and nutrients than just the lemon flesh and juice.

When most people think of lemons, they think of them as a seasoning to add to dishes or beverages, to enhance flavor.  We never really think of consuming the whole lemon.,  Also, we usually just think of … Read the rest

Spring Clean from the inside out

You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest that it leaves your arms too full to embrace the present.

-Jan Glidewell                        


Spring Cleaning

People like “stuff”. We tend to hold onto it year after year. We save and stock up on things that we don’t know what to do with anymore. Maybe we keep things because they hold precious memories of days gone by, or they remind us of our parents, grandparents, past loves or childhood. To part … Read the rest

Personal Qualities Needed to Become a Firefighter

Working as a fire fighter entails physical and mental strength and endurance. With great responsibilities and difficult challenges that fire fighters face in times of fire incidents, sometimes strength and endurance aren’t enough. No matter how much training a fire fighter take, if they aren’t determined enough, the performance and work evaluation will only fall through.

Whenever a fire fighter applicant tries to get the job, senior fire fighters and recruiters do not consider physical aspects alone as there is … Read the rest

What I did on my Winter Vacation

My visit to Colonia New Jersey FD 

            So as a kid I never got the writing assignment, “What did you do over summer vacation?” So I thought I would write about my experiences while visiting friends, made while teaching at an academy for fire cadets. Mike Sherron and I teach at the Ohio Youth Fire and EMS Academy (OYFETA) which is where we met explorers and instructors from the Colonia FD. We hit it off immediately and converse regularly even … Read the rest

You are what you eat

We all eat, all day every day, and we all know the saying, “we are what we eat.”  But for some reason no one knows what to eat.  Should we eat more grapes or drink more red wine?  Are eggs a good source of protein or a source of bad cholesterol?  Do dairy foods help us gain weight or lose weight?

Nutrition is a funny science.  It’s the only field where people can scientifically prove opposing theories and still be … Read the rest

Happy New Year, Happy You !

True life is lived when tiny changes occur.

-Leo Tolstoy

Cholesterol, Need to lower it?  Try Green Tea for starters

Looking for a simple resolution to improve your overall health? Start drinking green tea. My beverage of choice, green tea is a potent source of catechins – healthy antioxidants that can inhibit cancer cell activity and help boost immunity. Here are a few more reasons to drink Green tea.

 It can also:

Body heat and protein

Generate natural body heat on cold days by increasing your protein-rich dishes and warm beverages.

While adding on the layers is one way to keep the winter chill away, there are certain foods that  help warm us from the inside.  Warm soups and hot beverages are a natural, but some foods actually stimulate heat production more than others.

As temperatures drop, appetites perk up.  The cold, dark days of winter often bring on cravings for those good old fashioned comfort … Read the rest

What Is in the Firefighter One Exam?

The firefighter I exam, taken after completion of several classroom courses and hands-on training, prepares you for the next level of firefighter training and the firefighter II exam.

Healthy Holiday Appetizers


recently,  we went over four appetizers to steer clear of this holiday season – today we serve up healthy options for your cocktail plates!

  1. Crudités. The fiber in veggies will help fill you up, and they provide a nice, satisfying crunch. Choose a spectrum of colors (broccoli, cauliflower and carrots are good choices) and serve with low- or non-fat plain yogurt. Add some fresh herbs and seasonings for flavor.
  2. Mixed nuts. When eaten sparingly, nuts are a terrific snack. Walnuts
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Holiday appetizers to avoid

4 Worst Holiday Appetizers

Holiday parties are notorious for finger foods filled with high-glycemic carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. See a few of the worst below and stay tuned for some of the better choices.  Knowledge is power, so being aware of what you are eating makes all the difference –

  1. Dips. Skip the creamy, cheesy dips and opt for fresh salsa instead.
  2. Cocktail franks and mini-meatballs. Neither is a good source of lean protein and both can pack a
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Food Focus: Oils and Fats

Oils and Fats

Not all oils and fats are created equal. Heavily processed, hydrogenated, “trans” fats and oils that are used in prepared, packaged foods can be extremely damaging to the body. However, fats and oils from whole foods and other high-quality sources can steady our metabolism, keep hormone levels even, nourish our skin, hair and nails and provide lubrication to keep the body functioning fluidly. Our bodies also need fat for insulation and to protect and hold our organs … Read the rest

Increase Your Energy: Top Ten Ways

1)     Reduce or eliminate caffeine.

  • The ups and downs of caffeine include dehydration and blood sugar ups and downs, making mood swings more frequent.


2)     Drink water.

  • Most Americans are chronically dehydrated. Before you go to sugar or caffeine, have a glass of water and wait a few minutes to see what happens.
  • Caution: Soft drinks are now America’s number one source of added sugar.


3)     Eat dark leafy green vegetables.

Got The Love?

Its was 230 am…Again.  I couldn’t sleep, and my heart was racing.  I remember and staring out the window of my bedroom with the strangest mix of emotions.   My mind wouldn’t shut down.  I alternated between unbridled motivation and excitement to sheer panic.  This does not bode well for rest.

I’d figured out exactly what I wanted to do with my life.  Only a handful of people ever truly have the realization that there is a single thing that they … Read the rest

It’s Cold and Flu Season… Some alternatives…

EMS personnel are constantly exposed to all sorts of germs and ill folks. With Cold and Flu season starting, people are apt to get the flu 2 and 3 times this season. There are several natural alternatives that are not widely known. Let’s take some time to discuss some of the ways patients in my practice strengthen their immune system to ward off all the bugs flying around this time of year. Try one or all of these suggestions, and … Read the rest

How To Answer Firefighter Oral Board Questions. (Or…You’re Not Dan Allred.)

Have you had heroes in your life?

When I was young, it was “Superman”.

I’ve had very few as an adult who became a firefighter, paramedic, and student of the human condition.

I’ve learned that the term is thrown around by television and news to hype stories.  I also find that those news outlets typically begin looking for the “fallen hero” story before the ink has dried on their original story because it sells advertising.  A complete fool can be

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Safeguard Firefighter Health

Know the signs and symptoms of cardiac distress. Immediately report discomfort in the center of the chest, upper body, or feelings of pressure or pain, shortness of breath, a cold sweat, nausea, or lightheadedness. Know that the symptoms of cardiac distress may include feelings of denial or doom.

A Short And Effective 3 Point Primer On Situational Questions.

Oral boards often include “Situational Questions”.  These are questions that require the candidate to answer as to what they would do when faced with situations regarding safety, conflicting orders, alcohol/drugs, gambling, etc.

The way to handle these questions is to think through what these questions are about as a whole and how to frame their answer for any situation that comes up.  Then, if you believe in what you’re saying, don’t be led astray by the inevitable follow up questions.

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Causes of Stress, for fire service and non fire service persons.

In order to eliminate or at least control stress, it is vital to know and understand the causes of stress. Of course, there are many causes of stress and they are as varied as the people who suffer from stress, but there are a few places to look first. And by learning about these causes of stress, you can figure out where stress is entering your life.

How To Become A Firefighter In Light Of The US Economic Situation. (For Bryan)

Bryan commented on a recent blog post:

“Thanks for the article Paul. It was a great read and I definitely agree that “the quickest road to success is one that leads straight to the ultimate goal.” I think step one, once you meet all of the requirements, is to practice written tests. I can’t tell you how many guys I know that have been trying to become firefighters for years and cannot even get past the written test process. I … Read the rest

Become a Firefighter NOW.

I’m consistently seeing candidates that ask a type of question that illustrates a HUGE and very common mistake that people make in pursuit of their dreams.  The questions often look like this:

“Should I get my two year degree in Fire Science or should I go for a more broad subject matter?  I want to have the best degree to get the job when I start applying, but I think I need to hedge my bets just in case.”

“Which … Read the rest

Starter Principals For The Firefighter Oral Board Exam. (And some great links!)

Books are filled with the principals regarding how to answer Firefighter Oral Board Questions.  In fact, i’m writing a new one right now.  The thing is…You have to start with some basic principals to the Oral Board Process.  Here are the first few I like to share with candidates:

1.  Show up at least thirty minutes early.

You’ll take advantage of having plenty of time to quiet your mind and prepare your thoughts or adjust to location changes within large

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5 Ways to Improve Your Firefighter Written Exam Score Right Now.

The Written Exam is the first of the Fire Department Entrance Exams.  Its most often used to set a cut off for who will go forward to the Physical Agility and then Oral Board Examinations.  In these cases, it allows the department one is applying for to reduce the field of candidates to make the process more time and cost effective.  At other times, the score is added to other scores achieved in the testing process to determine an overall … Read the rest

Fit for Fire: Does P90X Work For Real For Anyone?

Happy New Year! Have one of your New Year’s resolution been getting yourself Fit for Fire?

Have you been considering using p90x to help you get your body into the best shape you can, but are not sure it is going to work for you? Does p90x work is a question that so many people everywhere are asking and searching for the answer for.

The truth is that this system can work for anyone that uses it, but whether it … Read the rest

You’re Almost There…

I recently responded to a post on one of the forums by a young man who was completely frustrated and ready to give up.  Like many, he’d worked hard at getting the job and hadn’t had any success.  On top of this, he had a family member that was nearing the end of their life.  He was in a quandary and needed a bit of a pick up.
I felt like a part of my story would help what seemed … Read the rest

Everything You’ve Done…

“Everything you’ve done up to this point in your life has led you here.”
Strangely enough…this is something that any new firefighter candidate needs to understand.  This sounds very “new age” or “zen-like”, but the truth is that this is practical thought and will become exceedingly important as you embark on your pursuit of capturing your career in firefighting.  Soon you will find yourself in an oral board interview, a lucky meeting with a real decision-maker, with someone who is … Read the rest

One Thing That’ll Take You A Long Way in The Fire Service (and life)…

I’ve been spending some time recently in the forums for candidates trying to get hired in the fire service.  I’ve found that some things never change.  There are a whole host of candidates who are probably otherwise great individuals complaining that life is unfair for one reason or another because they haven’t gotten hired.  In this post I’m going to save you a lifetime of pain and disappointment in and out of your fire career.
Ask yourself this question next … Read the rest

Station Visits and Ride-a-longs

The topic that I will be presenting is getting hired in the fire service. This is the second part of a multi-part series.


So, you’ve filled out your application and prepared for all of the facets of the examination process. The question arises; should I do a station visit?
The “Station Visit” is a kind of mini interview process in itself. It’s a process where we, the “line personnel” judge a multitude of things about you. It all … Read the rest

Your Story Starts Now.

One of the most sage admonishments the new candidate needs to hear is this:  “Your story starts now.”  From the moment you announce that you wish to make your living in the fire service, you will be judged on your words and actions.  These will develop a story about you going forward that will carry and get bigger in fits and starts.  Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the story will be untrue, unfair, and/or just plain wrong.  Furthermore, even if … Read the rest

What a Big Wave Surf Icon Can Teach You About Becoming A Firefighter

Laird Hamilton prepares himself constantly to be ready for the moment that “life” gives him the opportunity to seize his dream.  He’s done this for years and years, and as a result, he’s considered one of the greatest “Watermen” of all time.  He surfs the biggest, most dangerous waves in the world with a power, flow, and seeming oneness with the water that is awe inspiring.

Getting a job in the fire service is much like catching the perfect wave.  … Read the rest

The First 5 Things You Should Do To Get The Firefighter Job.

“I really want to work on the fire department.  What should I do to get started?”  several hundred would-be firefighters first words each time I meet them.

People waste alot of time with highly unproductive activity in their pursuit of a life in the fire service.  It drives me a little crazy because I did it when I first got started, and it causes me pain to even think about.  I’m going to use my first post to save

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Step Mill Training for CPAT

Step Mill Training for CPAT

No matter how hard you train for the stair climb in the CPAT, your legs will feel like rubber when you’re through. The time it takes to recover from this depends on your fitness level and your V02 Max. VO2 Max is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can process in order to feed your muscles to do work. In tests like the CPAT, if your VO2 Max is not high enough, you simply Read the rest

Nutrition for Firefighters

Nutrition for Firefighters

Try the best to follow these guidelines. Shoot for perfection and give yourself room to be human. I do not recommend people eat vegetarian because it disallows pure protein, which is most easily absorbed into muscle tissue. In short, I tried it, and it made me fat and weak. (And I was eating very healthy, whole foods). This is aimed at getting all your essential fatty acids, protein and vitamins necessary for health and strength building.
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Rotator Cuff pain in FF/trainees

Rotator Cuff Pain
Dr. Jennifer N. Milus, DC

Shoulder Pain:

Rotator cuff pain, sprains, and tendonitis appear quite often in athletes who require repetitive explosive movement of their shoulders. Fighting fires requires full range of motion of that ball and socket joint, and full function of the muscles around it. Pain on movement, or sharp pain on lifting can indicate that you have a problem with the rotator cuff muscles, and/or their tendons. If that is the case, then Read the rest

What to eat on TEST day


What to Eat on Test Day?:
By: Dr. Jen Milus, DC

Let’s start with the 3 days before the big test! Eating right on test day is not near enough! If you want to test well… remember that garbage in means garbage out! If you eat junk, you’ll perfrom just that way! You need to start carb loading and hydrating 3 days before the big day!

For the purposes of this article, a serving of a protein,
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Strength and Endurance for Firefighters

Endurance for Firefighters needs to be a combination of intense cardio and weight bearing exercises that pushes you to the limits to prep for the job. I have posted below, my last leg work out. I am been training this way for years (30, actually), so it needs to be worked up to for many. Proceed with caution. I am 5’5″ and 135lb…
I give weights, reps etc. just for a ballpark so you studs know where to start! But, … Read the rest

Tony Gutierrez

Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter/EMT-B Gerald R. Ford International Airport Fire Department, Michigan

Tony Gutierrez, C.F. Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter/EMT-B Gerald R. Ford International Airport Fire Department, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dear Firecareers Team,

I want to start out by saying thank you for the excellent service you provided to me and too many aspiring professional firefighters. Without it, I would not have had as many opportunities as I did. I now work for the second busiest airport in Michigan. Becoming a professional firefighter has been a dream come true!

I have been and … Read the rest

Brian Levine

Firefighter Los Angeles Fire Department, California

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate, I want to thank you for your service that you provided to me as well as other candidates. Applying for the position of firefighter with any department is one of the toughest roads any person will travel. Your service made this process much easier as it cut out the possibility of anyone wasting their time. Your information in terms of filing deadlines, qualifications, and fire department websites was always clear, concise, and accurate. Your service is … Read the rest

Matthew Lucas

Firefighter Paramedic National City Fire Department, California

Dear Fire Careers, I have been with my fire department for five years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. In five years I passed probation, completed paramedic school, and just finished #1 on the Engineer’s promotional exam. I have experienced some amazing events on the job. I’ve battled structure fires, attacked wildland fires on strike teams, extricated patients entrapped in vehicles, and delivered life saving medicine to gravely ill patients. Every day is truly an adventure in this … Read the rest

Kyle Adams

Firefighter Pacifica Fire Dept., California

I would like to take this opportunity to thank for providing this service. It helped me keep on top of current tests and find the perfect Fire Department to serve my career. It is a must have for all those looking to find a career in the fire service. Thanks again!

Kyle Adams

P.S. That’s me on the right…… Read the rest

Jeff Armstrong

Captain Tulare County Fire Department, California

I would like to take a minute to let everyone know that the service you provide is excellent. I don’t think that individuals would be aware of a fraction of the openings with out your service. Either they would miss the opportunities or hear about them too late. I previously worked in Northern California but found out about a promotional opportunity several hours to the south. I took the promotional exam and was successful. With out your service I believe … Read the rest

James Huff

Firefighter Central Whidbey Island Fire & Rescue, Alabama

Thank you for your services and assistance.

James Huff
Central Whidbey Island Fire & Rescue… Read the rest

Joe Diaz

Firefighter/EMT Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Dept., Virginia

Thank you for all your help. I have been testing for over 5 yrs.. I traveled all over, thanks to your assistance. Now a member of the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Dept.

Joe Diaz and Chris Gay
Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Dept.
Class 119th.… Read the rest

John Busch

Firefighter/Paramedic Rockford Fire Dept., Illinois

PFC is hands down the best service to subscribe to if you are seeking employment in the fire service. They provide the exact information you need to be successful in finding that job you have always dreamed of. Most fire departments only test every 2 years and believe me, you don’t want to miss your opportunity to be a part of the best job in the world. PFC has directly helped me in getting through the hiring process and I … Read the rest

Robert Gill

Fire Chief Pioneer Fire Protection District, California

Good Afternoon Perfect Firefighter!

I would like to thank you guys for the 2nd time in assisting my career objectives. I thought I’d write you another testimonial from my new job here at Pioneer Fire Protection District that I started on July 16th. Again, thank you for your support.

Robert L. Gill, Fire Chief… Read the rest

John Coffman

Firefighter City of Coral Springs Fire Department, Florida


The service that Firecareers provides to its members is a valuable tool. Job alerts, education and training make a worthy investment.

Again, thank you,

John Coffman
City of Coral Springs Fire Department… Read the rest