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Rio Hondo Fire Academy (CA) Biddle Ability Testing


Biddle Physical Agility – Physical Agility Test (Biddle)

General Description:

The Los Angeles County and Orange County Fire Chief’s Physical Ability Test is designed to examine the physical ability of the individual when it comes to performing the functions or tasks of a Firefighter.  The test is composed of 11 different events in which the candidates must pass in a time of 9 minutes and 34 seconds or less.  See below for additional information.

Date: Every Second Saturday of the

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Capt Craig Freeman

Physical Agility Test (Biddle) (Orange County Fire Authority)

Physical Agility Test (Biddle)

In October 2014, Fire and Police Selection, Inc completed an on-site certification, trained proctors and approved Victor Valley College Regional Public Safety Training Center to administer the Physical Abilities Test – Biddle.


***The Biddle Exam administered by Victor Valley College is accepted by the Orange County Fire Authority, San Bernardino County Fire Department, Glendale Fire Department and Long Beach Fire Department.  If an agency you are applying for does not advertise … Read the rest

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Using Work-Sample Physical Ability Tests to Maintain Fitness Standards of Incumbent Firefighters

Daniel A. Biddle, Ph.D; CEO, Fire & Police Selection, Inc.
Stacy L. Bell, M.S.; Vice President, Fire & Police Selection, Inc.

In 2000, the National Fire Protection Agency made a bold but profound statement: “Overweight, out-of-shape fire fighters are an accident waiting to happen” (NFPA, 2000). While the statement can be supported by common sense alone, research data shows just how true this statement really is. For example, a 2005 study revealed that nearly 50% of all injuries to civilian … Read the rest

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The Firefighter Exam

It’s Test Time

School’s out and fire departments are testing – the only thing standing between you and a job as a Firefighter is applying and participating in the recruitment. A multi test process, usually a written test, physical agility or CPAT, Oral Interview, polygraph, background, medical, Chiefs oral and other steps to which the fire department will establish an eligibility list and hire firefighters usually by ranking..

What to Expect on the Written Portion of the Exam

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A mother’s wise words…

My mom used to say, “You better check yourself at the door…!”

Step Mill Training for CPAT

Step Mill Training for CPAT

No matter how hard you train for the stair climb in the CPAT, your legs will feel like rubber when you’re through. The time it takes to recover from this depends on your fitness level and your V02 Max. VO2 Max is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can process in order to feed your muscles to do work. In tests like the CPAT, if your VO2 Max is not high enough, you simply Read the rest