Josh Sanders


Recently I posted a traditional written blog on and based on the positive response we received, I decided to share it with you here at FireCareers.  The topic of perspective is so important to me, and should be to you, not only because it pertains to your career journey but because gaining & keeping perspective is what life is all about.  There is also a short video blog for which we have provided a link to view that gives

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Tony Gutierrez

Tony Gutierrez, C.F. Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter/EMT-B Gerald R. Ford International Airport Fire Department, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dear Firecareers Team,

I want to start out by saying thank you for the excellent service you provided to me and too many aspiring professional firefighters. Without it, I would not have had as many opportunities as I did. I now work for the second busiest airport in Michigan. Becoming a professional firefighter has been a dream come true!

I have been and … Read the rest

Brian Levine

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate, I want to thank you for your service that you provided to me as well as other candidates. Applying for the position of firefighter with any department is one of the toughest roads any person will travel. Your service made this process much easier as it cut out the possibility of anyone wasting their time. Your information in terms of filing deadlines, qualifications, and fire department websites was always clear, concise, and accurate. Your service is … Read the rest

Matthew Lucas

Dear Fire Careers, I have been with my fire department for five years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. In five years I passed probation, completed paramedic school, and just finished #1 on the Engineer’s promotional exam. I have experienced some amazing events on the job. I’ve battled structure fires, attacked wildland fires on strike teams, extricated patients entrapped in vehicles, and delivered life saving medicine to gravely ill patients. Every day is truly an adventure in this … Read the rest

Kyle Adams

I would like to take this opportunity to thank for providing this service. It helped me keep on top of current tests and find the perfect Fire Department to serve my career. It is a must have for all those looking to find a career in the fire service. Thanks again!

Kyle Adams

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Jeff Armstrong

I would like to take a minute to let everyone know that the service you provide is excellent. I don’t think that individuals would be aware of a fraction of the openings with out your service. Either they would miss the opportunities or hear about them too late. I previously worked in Northern California but found out about a promotional opportunity several hours to the south. I took the promotional exam and was successful. With out your service I believe … Read the rest

James Huff

Thank you for your services and assistance.

James Huff
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Joe Diaz

Thank you for all your help. I have been testing for over 5 yrs.. I traveled all over, thanks to your assistance. Now a member of the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Dept.

Joe Diaz and Chris Gay
Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Dept.
Class 119th.… Read the rest

John Busch

PFC is hands down the best service to subscribe to if you are seeking employment in the fire service. They provide the exact information you need to be successful in finding that job you have always dreamed of. Most fire departments only test every 2 years and believe me, you don’t want to miss your opportunity to be a part of the best job in the world. PFC has directly helped me in getting through the hiring process and I … Read the rest

Robert Gill

Good Afternoon Perfect Firefighter!

I would like to thank you guys for the 2nd time in assisting my career objectives. I thought I’d write you another testimonial from my new job here at Pioneer Fire Protection District that I started on July 16th. Again, thank you for your support.

Robert L. Gill, Fire Chief… Read the rest

John Coffman


The service that Firecareers provides to its members is a valuable tool. Job alerts, education and training make a worthy investment.

Again, thank you,

John Coffman
City of Coral Springs Fire Department… Read the rest

Casey Zenger

Dear Perfect Firefighter,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the hard work and dedication that you put into your firecareers website. I have been testing for the past six years and without your website it would have been almost impossible. It is an invaluable tool for anyone trying to get their foot in the door. Keep up the good work.

Casey Zenger
City of Coalinga Fire Dept.… Read the rest

Darren Duffany

Dear PFC,

Thank you for your invaluable service. After two years of testing at numerous fire departments, I was recently hired as a Career Full-time Firefighter/Paramedic for the City of Royal Oak, MI. Located one mile north of Detroit. Its a busy fire department and I have you to thank because you notified me that they were testing. I am now living the dream and for everyone else still testing. Stay the course and one day you’ll be writing in … Read the rest

Julian Zermeno

I first would like to give the PFC a special thanks for helping me fulfill my dream in becoming a firefighter for the City of Santa Monica. This website truly works! ( It provides you with the most current and up-to-date information on firefighter openings. I tested for 5 years taking 40 exams in and out of State. So my advice to everyone out there is to first believe in yourself, stick to it and never give up!

Good luck.… Read the rest

Dave Musselman

I cannot say enough about the service you provide. I have been a career firefighter for 17 years now, none of it would of been possible if it were not for Perfect Firefighter Candidate. I recall receiving the yellow cards in the mail years ago announcing firefighting positions throughout the western United States. Technology took over and a simple e-mail made things so much easier. Anyhow, I continue to use your service today as I look for different avenues within … Read the rest

Vernon Teltschick

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

When I first was out of the academy and started looking for a job I found out if a city was testing by calling each one to see when they were planning on hiring. This usually took a couple of phone calls to get to the person who knew this information. As you can imagine this was very time consuming and half the places I called weren’t testing at that time or I had just missed … Read the rest

Chad Tortorelli

I would like to thank Fire Careers for the service that they provided me while I was searching for a job in the fire service. I was first introduced to Fire Careers by my Fire Science instructor at Spokane community college. She would always tell us the only way to get a job is to test. I found the best way to find the tests was through fire careers. I recently got hired as a Firefighter EMT in the beautiful … Read the rest

Ben West

About 2 and 1/2 years ago I subscribed to your service. I lived in N.E. Ohio where Full-time fire jobs were hard to get.I am originally from central TX. I saw a posting for Harker Heights TX( 20 miles from where I grew up) I applied for the position. I applied for several other FDs in TX. I was hired as a FF/Paramedic in September of 04 by HHFD. I have been there every since . I finally have the … Read the rest

Brett Miller

Dear PFC,

I’m writing this testimonial to express my gratitude for the amazing service you provided in my pursuit to achieve my dream. Through my pursuit for a career position the last thing I needed was to spend hours a day searching for fire departments that were testing/ hiring. I needed that time to spend preparing for tests, going to school and studying for classes, volunteering, etc. Your dedicated service gave me that time I needed to become a firefighter. … Read the rest

Sean Williams

To Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

This letter of thanks is for the service to which you have provided me for the last six years in my pursuit of a fire service career. I am now happy to say that I have been hired by CDF/Riverside County Fire Department as a Firefighter/Paramedic .The information that you provide is always accurate, and helpful. Because of this, I have been able to test for many Fire Departments and be well informed. Please accept my … Read the rest

Eric Dombkowski

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I would like to thank you for the services you offered to men & women looking to start a career in the fire service. A friend told me about your service and within a year of subscribing, I was offered a position with Prince William County Department of Fire & Rescue in Northern VA. I am having the time of my life and am proud to be serving my community. I have refered your services to … Read the rest

Jason Koziol

Dear PFC,

I wanted to thank you for helping me achieve my dream with your service and timely information I received through your company during my testing process. My dream became a reality in May 2005 I was selected for a lateral Firefighter/Paramedic position with the City of Walla Walla Fire Department.

If I had not subscribed to PFC, I would not have heard about it, and wouldn’t have had the opportunity to apply. I have subscribed to PFC for … Read the rest

Jon Lauderdale

My name is Jon Lauderdale and in August of 2005 I was hired as a probationary firefighter for the City of Arcadia. I want to motivate everyone to keep on testing and to keep their heads up. I know what it’s like to ride the roller coaster of emotions. The solution is to check Perfect Fire Candidate everyday and take as many tests as possible. You will learn something new every test and interview you have that will make you … Read the rest

Greg Thaxton

Thanks for providing such a terrific and necessary service for aspiring firefighter. With your help I was able to take many tests and was hires with a really good department in L.A. County. I am proud to be a Firefighter/Paramedic with Arcadia Fire Department and could not have done it without your service and help. I have truly achieved the best job in the world and I owe a lot to your up to date job opportunities.… Read the rest

Sean Shugar

Thanks to the Perfect Firefighter Candidate site (a.k.a., I had my very first oral interview… While it was with a volunteer department, within a week, they called me, and offered me a position. I gladly accepted it, as I have only gone through EMT training, and have only nine units of Fire Technology through college. This gives me the opportunity to get my Firefighter 1 certification, without having to spend thousands on a college program, but most of all… … Read the rest

Steve Rushing

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I had been using your service for the past 3 years. There is no other way of finding out all the departments that are testing without your service. I want to encourage other candidates to continue on and with hard work you will succeed.

Thank you, Steve Rushing… Read the rest

Melissa Linderman

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate:

I have been a subscriber to your service for five years and have applied for countless positions as both a firefighter and fire prevention officer. The timely manner in which your service has posted positions has proven to be extremely valuable. In the first couple of years into my membership, I applied and was picked up for two reserve firefighter positions in Orange County CA; subsequently, I gained valuable experience, which guided my career path.

The … Read the rest

Scott Cowen

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I would just like to submit my gratitude for your wonderful service. I am testing with L.A. County Fire right now and I just got accepted with De Luz Volunteer Fire Dept. I have never come across a more informative service than that of what you provide all aspiring Fireman and Firewomen. If I may I would also like to send out a quick thanks to the fireman at Station 7 in Sun City, Ca., Engineer … Read the rest

Bryce Cranch

Dear Perfect Firefighter,

I am writing to say thanks for your service. The information you provided helped me become a serious competitor in this job market. Thanks to you, I was able to aggressively pursue job opportunities, continuously improving my testing and interview skills.

After years of schooling, volunteering and training, preparation met opportunity with the Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District. I am proud to be “living the dream” in such an outstanding department with a bright future ahead.

Thanks … Read the rest

Ronald Mason

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I just wanted to thank you for your part in helping me obtain a career in the fire service. Without your daily mailers and updates on hiring info it wouldn’t have been possible for me to hone my skills in the completive testing process. It might be too soon to say but as of right now my dreams are coming true and all my hard work paid off. To all of you out there, still looking … Read the rest

Bill Gunterman

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I must thank you for your service. I finally was able to make a step up. I was previously working for a small fire department in North Idaho that was not meeting my needs for opportunities in advancement and organization. I wanted something bigger. After two years of testing I was finally able to get hired with Snohomish County Fire District 7 in Washington state. By using your service I was able to see daily the … Read the rest

Larry Ritch


I can’t say enough about the service that you provide to prospective firefighters and those aspiring to advance in the fire service. I was a member of Firecareers for about 6 years as I pursued a career as a firefighter. From the updates of departments testing to the bulletin board I used every bit of information I could to help in my pursuit. I have talked to many people aspiring to become firefighters and given them this website to … Read the rest

Peter Benson

Dear Perfect Firefighter,

I just wanted to take the time and let those who are thinking about subscribing to your service know how “Perfect Firefighter Candidate” played a pivotal role in starting my career. Before I knew about “PFC” I had only heard about tests in my area through word-of-mouth. After subscribing, I never missed a test again.

And after four years of hard work, volunteering, and relentless testing all over the state of California, I secured a position with … Read the rest

Chris Kynett

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

Just wanted to thank you for your instrumental part in helping me obtain my career in the fire service. Without your daily mailers it wouldn’t have been possible for me to hone my skills in the ever challenging testing process. I have finally found a home, and what an outstanding one at that. Thanks again!

Chris Kynett
Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District… Read the rest

Tim Garrison

To all the people at Fire Careers, I am currently on my first year as a Fire Captain and 3 years total with the Department of Corrections Fire Department. I am loving every minute of it and I still have my membership with Fire Careers. I am always looking for more opportunities and your service keeps me enlightened on all the opportunities out there. So I recommend you and your service to any one and every one who is pursuing … Read the rest

James Thomas

Hi Perfect FF,

I just got hired full-time as a firefighter/paramedic with a brand-new department. While I didn’t get the information on this job through your service, I have been using the service for years, and did get a part-time fire job with Wilton FD that I heard about from you. The experience from Wilton no doubt had a tremendous impact on my obtaining the current job. I am also on the list for several other departments that I learned … Read the rest

Daniel Carson

I am writing to thank you, for the service you have provided these past few years, while I have been pursuing a career in the fire service. The information Fire Careers provided enabled me to keep up to date on current career opportunities. Being involved in school, the fire academy, and paramedic program, and working made it very hard to research which departments were hiring. With the help of your service, I was able to go on to the Internet … Read the rest

Kris Marrs

Creators of Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I have been waiting a long time to finally submit my Testimonial. I have wanted to do this for a couple of years, and now I can finally say that I did. This has been a very valuable service to me. I have consistently stayed one step ahead of all the other candidates in knowing who is testing and when. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be ahead in the game. As … Read the rest

Jeremy Casper

Dear PFC,

I recently graduated from the 13 week Recruit School with the Salt Lake City Fire Department. This department is a highly prestigious department. It took a great deal of personal sacrifice and effort to get in. I am now working in downtown Salt Lake City in the high rise district of Station 1. I owe a great deal of help to the PFC web site for notifying me of testing dates for any fire department I was interested … Read the rest

Jason Perez

PFC- Thank you for all your help. I am currently enjoying my new career with the City of Loma Linda thanks to you guys. JP… Read the rest

Greg Federman

This one should inspire all of you who keep hearing how long it will take to get into the fire department.

I decided to become a firefighter just about a year ago. I went to school to become an EMT, and as soon as I started classes, I was told about Within my first month, I was testing in Oakland, and made it all the way to the Chief’s oral. Unfortunately, they went on a hiring freeze, but after … Read the rest

Julie DeJarlais

Dear Perfect Firefighter,

Sorry for the delay in my Testimonial, but like they say…better late then never right? Thanks for your understanding.

I’ve won the lottery! With the amazing help of Perfect Firefighter, I’ve landed one of the most coveted jobs in America…professional Firefighter position with the City of San Francisco!

Before I knew about this program, it was the continual word of mouth, phone calls and he said she said about who was hiring and when the tests were … Read the rest

Hector Garza

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate:

First I want to say, Thank You, for all of your help. If it weren’t for your company I don’t think I would’ve known about the opening in the fire department where I was hired. Your company made it easier and faster to get information about open positions around the nation. With all of your up to date job listings it was a breeze. I cannot thank you enough, all of my hard work and training … Read the rest

Jacob Watson


My name is Jacob Watson and I am a firefighter with the City of Anaheim Fire Department. I just wanted to thank Perfect Firefighter Candidate for helping me along the way. I definitely relied on PFC to help inform me on testing opportunities with various fire departments. As of May 2002, my search for the perfect career ended when I began with The City of Anaheim. I want to encourage others with the same goal to be persistent and … Read the rest

Robert Lasswell

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I just wanted to send a letter of thanks to you and your staff for your services. I feel that thru your e-mails and mailers, you were instrumental in helping me to the position I am today. Not only were the e-mails informative, but receiving them almost every day also helped me stay motivated to keep trying.

For those of you who are thinking about or are currently trying to obtain a career in the fire … Read the rest

Aaron Dean

Dear PFC,

Transforming dreams into reality is just one of the many valuable opportunities PFC provides. My dream came true, as I am now a Firefighter/Paramedic with the City of Sacramento (CA) Fire Department.

After eight years of test taking trials and tribulations, my dream is reality. Through persistence, spurred by a bone-deep desire to be a firefighter, my wife and I are elated about our future. We feel a peace that can only come from achieving one’s God given … Read the rest

Dave Brannigan

After years of school, working in the private ambulance world, and testing, I finally landed my dream job with my #1 choice in fire departments, Berkeley. Throughout the process, was an invaluable resource for me. I was able to keep up on tests throughout California as well as do research on salaries, job requirements, and news in the fire service.

I highly recommend to anyone looking to get into the fire service or who just wants to stay … Read the rest

Mark Tisdel

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate:

I had been using this service for almost 2 years and my dreams finally came to reality in December of 2002. I had work for several different fire departments during my 6 years in the fire service, including a Department of Defense facility, the US Marine Corps where I got my start, and one very small combination volunteer/paid department here in San Antonio, Texas. I was finally offered my dream job this year with The City … Read the rest

Rick Drumright

To the staff at Perfect Firefighter Candidate:

My name is Rick Drumright. I have been a subscriber of your service for about three years. This service is a must have for anyone serious about a career in the fire service. Perfect firefighter is always up to date, and the best source for testing information. The price is great too! I am now a firefighter/paramedic with San Bernardino Co. Fire Dept. I would recommend this to anyone!! Thanks for all your … Read the rest

J.C. Nessa

I just want everyone out there to see that the Perfect Firefighter Candidate really works! Thanks to all the current and up-to-date information this service provides, I was able to attain my goal of becoming a firefighter. This company offers the “test-ee” so many great things you might never be able to come across…from complete and precise lists of the many fire agencies that are testing, to patch trading, and the infamous “bulletin board”. The bulletin board is a good … Read the rest