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River Delta Fire District Calif. / FIREFIGHTER





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The District:
The River Delta Fire District is approximately 50 square miles and is located near Highway 12 and Highway 160 near Rio Vista and Isleton, CA. The district runs approximately 400 calls per year and is staffed with Volunteer Firefighters who are required to dedicate one 24-hour shift per week. The district encompasses the Delta Loop, which meanders along the Mokelumne River, San Joaquin River and Seven Mile Slough.  There are several boat harbors, … Read the rest

Capt Craig Freeman

PART TIME EMT & PARAMEDIC / Batesville Fire & EMS (IN)

Batesville Fire & EMS (IN) is accepting apps for  PART TIME EMT & PARAMEDIC.  Until November 14, 2016.   For details about this career and over 3,500 other fire departments looking to hire firefighters Join today…  Fill out your PROFILE and get access to thousands of career firefighter recruitment’s across the Country.  FREE 7 Day Pass


Batesville Fire & EMS (IN)

is accepting applications for:


Accepting Applications!

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       Batesville Fire & EMS

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Andrew Wilcox

3 Basic Tips for Surviving an Interview in the Fire Service

The quest for giving the perfect interview seems to be the desire of every aspiring firefighter. Making sure appearances are clean and professional, having the perfect resume printed on paper that probably costs more than its worth, and investing heavily in deodorant to handle the stress during the agonizing moments before your name is called in to interview are all things that everyone in the fire service seems to have experienced. The fact of the matter is that in many … Read the rest

Causes of Stress, for fire service and non fire service persons.

In order to eliminate or at least control stress, it is vital to know and understand the causes of stress. Of course, there are many causes of stress and they are as varied as the people who suffer from stress, but there are a few places to look first. And by learning about these causes of stress, you can figure out where stress is entering your life.

Josh Sauberman

To EMT Or Not To EMT?… That is the Question.

As FireCareer’s youngest and most inexperienced blogger in terms of firefighting/fire-career experience (excluding Dr. Jen Milus who works with firefighters, but is not one),  my value to readers is my ability to see things quite clearly from your point of view.   That is of course because I am living, or have just gone through exactly what you’re going through.  Unlike the other accomplished fire veterans who write here at FireCareers, I do not have decades of experience.  I’m a new … Read the rest