Capt Craig Freeman

Hello is this thing on?

Without regard for you or the health of FireCareers, Bill Novak and Shift Design set us on a course of complete failure and put 28 years of company history on the brink of disaster.

Division Chief Paul Lepore

Age and Becoming a Firefighter

Everyone has an opinion of age when it comes to hiring new firefighters. Some people feel that a younger candidate has a better chance of getting hired because; after all, the fire departments are looking to hire a candidate for the next 30 years.

If a fire department hires a 21 or 22 year old, the department can train the recruit before he or she has a chance to develop “bad” habits. Furthermore, since the agency wants to get the … Read the rest

You’re Almost There…

I recently responded to a post on one of the forums by a young man who was completely frustrated and ready to give up.  Like many, he’d worked hard at getting the job and hadn’t had any success.  On top of this, he had a family member that was nearing the end of their life.  He was in a quandary and needed a bit of a pick up.
I felt like a part of my story would help what seemed … Read the rest

Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski

Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to take the time to wish you, your family and friends Happy Holidays!

Hopefully this holiday season is not too stressful and is something you can enjoy as we near 2011 (weren’t we just getting ready for Y2K? – which was about 11 or so years ago?)!

Take care, don’t just stay safe – make it safe!… Read the rest

Everything You’ve Done…

“Everything you’ve done up to this point in your life has led you here.”
Strangely enough…this is something that any new firefighter candidate needs to understand.  This sounds very “new age” or “zen-like”, but the truth is that this is practical thought and will become exceedingly important as you embark on your pursuit of capturing your career in firefighting.  Soon you will find yourself in an oral board interview, a lucky meeting with a real decision-maker, with someone who is … Read the rest

Division Chief Paul Lepore

I finally finished!!!!!

Today I finished my last presentation fo rmy last class for my Master’s degree. What makes this so special for me is that 7 years ago I was 9 classes short of an AS degree. When I promoted to BC, the Fire Chief made me promise that I would go back to school and earn my Bachelor’s degree. It took me 4 years to get it. Once I finished I wanted to continue. Two years later (today) I completed my … Read the rest

One Thing That’ll Take You A Long Way in The Fire Service (and life)…

I’ve been spending some time recently in the forums for candidates trying to get hired in the fire service.  I’ve found that some things never change.  There are a whole host of candidates who are probably otherwise great individuals complaining that life is unfair for one reason or another because they haven’t gotten hired.  In this post I’m going to save you a lifetime of pain and disappointment in and out of your fire career.
Ask yourself this question next … Read the rest

Station Visits and Ride-a-longs

The topic that I will be presenting is getting hired in the fire service. This is the second part of a multi-part series.


So, you’ve filled out your application and prepared for all of the facets of the examination process. The question arises; should I do a station visit?
The “Station Visit” is a kind of mini interview process in itself. It’s a process where we, the “line personnel” judge a multitude of things about you. It all … Read the rest

Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski

Did you get what you wanted out of 2010?

As the year 2010 comes to the end, can you honestly look yourself in the mirror and say you accomplished what you wanted to accomplish this year? Hopefully so; it isn’t too late, there are still about 3 weeks left. Now I know many folks who wait for things to happen. Are you one of those? Or are you one of those folks that actually makes things happen? There is a major difference; you are in control of your destiny … Read the rest

Josh Sauberman

To EMT Or Not To EMT?… That is the Question.

As FireCareer’s youngest and most inexperienced blogger in terms of firefighting/fire-career experience (excluding Dr. Jen Milus who works with firefighters, but is not one),  my value to readers is my ability to see things quite clearly from your point of view.   That is of course because I am living, or have just gone through exactly what you’re going through.  Unlike the other accomplished fire veterans who write here at FireCareers, I do not have decades of experience.  I’m a new … Read the rest

Division Chief Paul Lepore

New Year

Hello all,
As we come into the new year, I would encourage you to sit down and write out your goals. Researchers have found that those who take the time to put their goals down on paper have a much higher chance of reaching them.

For me, I will be finished with my Masters degree in a week. This is the culmination of a two year goal. I will be glad to be finished with it. My other goals are … Read the rest

Division Chief Paul Lepore

Follow directions!

I was recently involved in screening fire department applications and I was amazed to see that 40% of the candidates did not follow the simple directions to include copies of their certifications. Subsequently all of these applications were disqualified from the process.
Also, keep in mind that the people behind the counter at HR are very influential in the hiring process. Be sure to be nice to them!
Lastly, do not staple your resume onto your application in lieu of … Read the rest

Your Story Starts Now.

One of the most sage admonishments the new candidate needs to hear is this:  “Your story starts now.”  From the moment you announce that you wish to make your living in the fire service, you will be judged on your words and actions.  These will develop a story about you going forward that will carry and get bigger in fits and starts.  Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the story will be untrue, unfair, and/or just plain wrong.  Furthermore, even if … Read the rest

Capt Craig Freeman

NEWS RELEASE- For immediate distribution.

NEWS RELEASE- For immediate distribution.

FireCareers is proud to announce the 2011 North American Seminar and College Lecture Tour on the FireCareers Bus.  The tentative travel schedule is almost complete, our travel schedule will be posted and updated at the FireCareers website, our Facebook page, and our new “FireCareersBus” twitter page.

We have teamed up with the 911 Patch Project and Third Alarm Coffee Company. Our journey will take us across the country destined for Ground Zero for the 10 … Read the rest

What a Big Wave Surf Icon Can Teach You About Becoming A Firefighter

Laird Hamilton prepares himself constantly to be ready for the moment that “life” gives him the opportunity to seize his dream.  He’s done this for years and years, and as a result, he’s considered one of the greatest “Watermen” of all time.  He surfs the biggest, most dangerous waves in the world with a power, flow, and seeming oneness with the water that is awe inspiring.

Getting a job in the fire service is much like catching the perfect wave.  … Read the rest

The First 5 Things You Should Do To Get The Firefighter Job.

“I really want to work on the fire department.  What should I do to get started?”  several hundred would-be firefighters first words each time I meet them.

People waste alot of time with highly unproductive activity in their pursuit of a life in the fire service.  It drives me a little crazy because I did it when I first got started, and it causes me pain to even think about.  I’m going to use my first post to save

Read the rest

Step Mill Training for CPAT

Step Mill Training for CPAT

No matter how hard you train for the stair climb in the CPAT, your legs will feel like rubber when you’re through. The time it takes to recover from this depends on your fitness level and your V02 Max. VO2 Max is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can process in order to feed your muscles to do work. In tests like the CPAT, if your VO2 Max is not high enough, you simply Read the rest

Nutrition for Firefighters

Nutrition for Firefighters

Try the best to follow these guidelines. Shoot for perfection and give yourself room to be human. I do not recommend people eat vegetarian because it disallows pure protein, which is most easily absorbed into muscle tissue. In short, I tried it, and it made me fat and weak. (And I was eating very healthy, whole foods). This is aimed at getting all your essential fatty acids, protein and vitamins necessary for health and strength building.
Read the rest

Rotator Cuff pain in FF/trainees

Rotator Cuff Pain
Dr. Jennifer N. Milus, DC

Shoulder Pain:

Rotator cuff pain, sprains, and tendonitis appear quite often in athletes who require repetitive explosive movement of their shoulders. Fighting fires requires full range of motion of that ball and socket joint, and full function of the muscles around it. Pain on movement, or sharp pain on lifting can indicate that you have a problem with the rotator cuff muscles, and/or their tendons. If that is the case, then Read the rest

What to eat on TEST day


What to Eat on Test Day?:
By: Dr. Jen Milus, DC

Let’s start with the 3 days before the big test! Eating right on test day is not near enough! If you want to test well… remember that garbage in means garbage out! If you eat junk, you’ll perfrom just that way! You need to start carb loading and hydrating 3 days before the big day!

For the purposes of this article, a serving of a protein,
Read the rest

Strength and Endurance for Firefighters

Endurance for Firefighters needs to be a combination of intense cardio and weight bearing exercises that pushes you to the limits to prep for the job. I have posted below, my last leg work out. I am been training this way for years (30, actually), so it needs to be worked up to for many. Proceed with caution. I am 5’5″ and 135lb…
I give weights, reps etc. just for a ballpark so you studs know where to start! But, … Read the rest

Capt Craig Freeman

I want to be a Firefighter, what should I do?

The path that leads to a firefighter position with a fire department has many courses of opportunity. You must choose the path that is best suited for your individual personality. The requirements to be qualified vary from agency to agency. The minimum requirements would be: high school diploma/GED, 18 years of age, and a valid driver’s license. The next requirement would most likely be a current CPAT card. Education and training will be the next level of requirements. EMT cert. … Read the rest

Capt Craig Freeman

Try Again!! WOW

We are recovering and should be back together soon.  This FCBlog section will be finished soon!!… Read the rest

Division Chief Paul Lepore

Getting Hired in a Tough Economy

Getting hired in today’s economy is extremely difficult. Many departments are still trying to figure out what their budgets are going to be. The federal and state governments are still a moving target, which means that the cities and counties are still uncertain as to their financial status.

Here is the way the budget works in California. When a product is sold the vendor charges sales tax. Depending on the city, this ranges from 8.5% to 10.5%. This money is … Read the rest

Batt. Chief Bob Atlas

Secrets of Success for Entry Level Firefighters, Part 1.

Secrets are thoughts or information that are kept from knowledge or view. To be more specific, they are the things that are important to you that elude you on your search for information that may prove to be important in your quest for a job as a professional firefighter. Success is a favorable or desired outcome. Basically, success is the culmination of all of your efforts good and bad. Now that we know that the secrets of success are not … Read the rest

Getting hired in the fire service.

The topic that I will be presenting is getting hired in the fire service. This is the first part of a multi-part series.

Whether it’s your first fire service job or you’re looking to promote, I can never emphasize what I believe in. “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

Trust me when I say that whether you are dropping off your application, participating in a ride-along, or interning for your Paramedic licensure, you are being … Read the rest

Why do firefighters need to be fit?

A firefighters role is extremely varied which involves working in a vast array of situations and environments including:

  • Hot and humid atmospheres.
  • Dark and confined spaces.
  • Oxygen deficient atmospheres.
  • Prolonged periods of physical activity.
  • Working long hours during the night when your body is telling you to rest.

The day to day work of a firefighter is also extremely varied and calls upon muscular strength, endurance and flexibility at different incidents.

Tasks that firefighters carry out at incidents can be … Read the rest

Low Back Pain

Low back pain is among the most debilitating injuries in the American workforce today. Firefighters are not immune. But what can we do ourselves?

There is no magic bean for mechanical low back pain. There are a variety of choices for care for your back pain: chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, physical therapy, pain killers and muscle relaxants. Whatever your choice: Your healthcare provider cannot help you nearly as much as you can help yourself. Any treatment they do really needs … Read the rest

Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski

Being the best firefighter you can be!

First, I want to thank Craig Freeman and the Perfect Firefighter Candidate/ team for allowing me to share of my experiences and thoughts with you, I’m really excited to be a part of this great resource for both future and current firefighters. I also want to thank you for taking the time to read and even comment on the items I plan to share with you now and in the future!

I want to start off with my first blog … Read the rest

Josh Sauberman

Firefighting – Is It Worth It?

Becoming a firefighter is anything but easy. Consider, these days nursing is becoming a hugely popular career route, especially here in the San Francisco Bay Area where salaries are the highest in the nation. Recent RN graduates around here can’t find jobs for months and for some, over a year. well boo-hoo! Try getting into firefighting where the average time to get hired runs 5 years!

There aren’t too many careers out there that are quite as hard to break … Read the rest