Division Chief Paul Lepore

Division Chief Paul Lepore

Paul Lepore is a currently a shift Division Chief for a Southern California Fire Department where he is assigned to manage the Special Services Division. In addition to managing the emergency responses for the City, his responsibilities include managing the EMS Division, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), and the CERT program.

Prior to his currnet position, Chief Lepore spent 23 years on the Long Beach Fire Department having promoted to the rank of Battalion Chief. He spent 5 years as a Battalion Chief working predominantly in the northern part of the city. He was also was assigned as the Battalion Chief in charge of the EMS Division for two years. He feels very fortunate to run some major incidents consistent with a big city fire department. He has also managed some pretty challenging personnel issues during his tenure as a Chief Officer. Chief Lepore will share both his operational and administrative experiences with you to better prepare you for your promotional goals.
Chief Lepore entered the fire service as a civilian Paramedic for the Los Angeles City Fire Department in 1985. After completing his education at the Los Angeles County Paramedic Training Institute, Lepore worked in the high impact area of South Central, Los Angeles. Lepore was hired by the Long Beach Fire Department in 1986 and completed their 12-week academy. He spent the next two years working as a firefighter until he was promoted to firefighter/ paramedic. Lepore was promoted to Fire Captain in 1998, to Battalion Chief in 2005 and is currently a Division Chief.

Lepore has a Bachelor’s Degree in Vocational Education from California State University, Long Beach and an AA degree in General Studies, and has a Master’s degree in Public Administration. He has presented to local, and national audiences on current fire service topics including: Tactics and Strategy, Promoting in the Fire Service, How to Formulate a Plan to Promote, at Firehouse World in San Diego and Las Vegas as well as the CSFA Conference in Long Beach and at the Northern California Training Officer’s conference.

He has conducted hundreds of entry-level interviews as well as served as a rater for dozens of Battalion Chief and Captain’s promotional exams. He holds instructor credentials for EMT, Hazardous Materials and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

He has conducted numerous seminars at national conventions to teach and mentor both promotional and entry-level candidates alike.
He founded EMS Safety Services, Inc., a first aid and CPR training corporation that certifies over 100,000 students each year.
Lepore has two daughters with his lovely wife Marian, Ashley and Samantha. He is an avid saltwater fisherman and has written a fishing book titled, “Sportfishing in Baja”.

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I recently
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general the quality was pretty lackluster. Here are some of the things that we
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As I scanned the parking lot, I was disturbed to see a private ambulance parked perpendicular in THREE spots.

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Follow directions!

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