Las Positas College Entry Level Firefighter Workshop

Have I done everything I can to prepare myself for a career in the fire service? You should be asking yourself this question every day. Your competition is and they have an answer. Preparation is paramount to your success. There are things you must do every day no matter what. A wise old Fire Chief and one of my early mentors told me… “If you want a career in the Fire Service, you must make a job out of getting the job.” If you are not spending at least 40 hours per week to move your career forward you may not be getting the results you want. Everyone absorbs and processes information at different rates. However, no matter how fast you learn, you must make sure that you obtain certain significant facts.
On Sunday May 22, 2011 some of the most respected leaders in the Fire Service will assemble to provide you with these significant facts. These include; Being the Ideal Firefighter Candidate, Preparing for the Job, Education for the Fire Service, Chief’s Interviews, Diversity, Changing Paradigms, How to Maximize Technology, Physical Fitness, Applications and Resumes and Discipline and Accountability. This event has been acclaimed by some candidates as a pivotal experience in their pursuit of a career in the fire service. Lunch and a course completion certificate are included. Please feel free to visit under 2011 Entry Level Firefighter Workshop for more information on this valuable experience. We look forward to seeing you there.

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