How To Become A Firefighter Faster

Today, i’m going to check off one major obstacle you’re probably feeling in the pursuit of becoming a paid, professional firefighter.

So…You want to be a firefighter, but you don’t know exactly what you should be doing and when to make it happen?


That stress is now gone.



I’m beginning to post all of the sections of a 12 step guide to becoming a firefighter faster that I wrote.  It’s going to be released  as a series of open source posts, and it’ll all be coming over about a week at:

None of the principals in the guide are “magic” or “rocket science”, but they’re rarely if ever taught to firefighter candidates.  The guide is the one I wish I had when I was trying to make my dreams come true.  I would’ve been a firefighter about 2 years sooner!

Go…Do Good….Repeat.

Paul Card

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