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Umatilla County Fire District #1 (OR) FIREFIGHTER/PARAMEDIC

UMATILLA COUNTY FIRE DISTRICT #1 (OR) is accepting apps for FIREFIGHTER/PARAMEDIC. Until Apply Immediately. Salary $4868-$6790. monthly  For details about this career and over 3,500 other fire departments looking to hire firefighters Join today…  Fill out your PROFILE and get access to thousands of career firefighter recruitment’s across the Country.  FREE 7 Day Pass


We are Hiring 6 – 8 Paramedics!


Job Information


Updated: August 22, 2016

Job Classification: Firefighter/Paramedic

Umatilla County Fire District #1 anticipates hiring 6-8 Firefighter/Paramedics in early 2017. We will be requesting the list of applicants in mid -October 2016 and candidates moving forward to the interview steps will be provided additional information.  Oral Interviews are tentatively scheduled for early November 2016, followed by Chiefs interviews in mid-November 2016 and hiring in early 2017.

Salary Information: $4868-$6790 per month

Benefit Information: Public Employees Retirement System, life insurance, family health and dental care benefits, vacation/holiday benefits, uniform and personal protective equipment, training, education and physical fitness opportunities

Contact Information:
Jeff Adkins
Battalion Chief

Department and City Information: Please visit our website for department information at

Job Requirements

Age: 18

US Citizen: Yes

High School Grad/GED: Yes

Valid OREGON State Driver’s License: Yes

Ability to Read/Speak English: Yes

Necessary Certifications:
Oregon EMT-P certification by time of hire.

Schooling Prior and Post Hiring:
In addition to a high school diploma or equivalent, post-high school education or an equivalent combination of education and experience is preferred and will be considered.

Specific Disqualifiers/Behaviors:
Felony, Criminal Activity Disqualifiers
All non-expunged convictions must be disclosed, and are reviewed in relation to number, severity, date, and other relevant circumstances.

Driving Disqualifiers
Must possess a current, valid driver’s license that is recognized by the state of Oregon and maintain a driving record insurable by the District’s insurer in order to drive a District vehicle. Applicants may also be eliminated based on their driving record if it does not meet the districts standards. Driving issues that may be considered: Major violations (example: DUII, Hit and Run), numerous moving violations and/or at fault accidents or a combination of the above during the last five years.

Additional Disqualifiers
Does Not use tobacco products.
Must meet National Fire Protection (NFPA) standards for health and fitness.
The individual shall not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of the individual or others in the workplace.
Must pass a background check, medical and psychological exams, and drug screen prior to appointment.


Umatilla County Fire District #1 utilizes the testing services of the National Testing Network, Inc. for the position of Firefighter/Paramedic. To fill out an application and schedule a test, go to, select Fire and sign up for Umatilla County Fire District #1.

What to expect at the website:

  • Completion of the application process
  • Review all information related to the Umatilla County Fire District #1 Firefighter/Paramedic position, including minimum requirements, salary and benefits.
  • Detailed information about the testing process for both the entry level test and CPAT testing.
  • Opportunity to take online practice tests at
  • Schedule your own convenient test time. Tests are offered multiple times a week, including Saturdays.
  • Take high quality job simulation tests in a standardized, fair testing environment.

Upon completion of the entry level exam and CPAT testing, all candidate scores are automatically forwarded to Umatilla County Fire District #1.  Candidates who attain a passing score on both the entry level exam and the physical abilities test will be placed on the department’s eligibility list.  Umatilla County Fire District #1 will contact candidates on the list and will invite them to continue to participate in other stages of the department selection process.

National Testing Network is a service provided to conduct entry level testing and CPAT testing in a standardized, professional environment. National Testing Network does not replace Umatilla County Fire Districts responsibility and decision making in the testing process.  All candidate results are provided to Umatilla County Fire District #1, where the final decisions are made.

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