Capt Craig Freeman

Fire Station Visits

This past couple of weeks we did a few station visits and had a blast doing it!

First, I got to visit the Berryhill Fire Dept. in Oklahoma. I was happy to hear that the department was taking firefighter applications in anticipation that a couple of paid positions may open. The engine room was full equipment the probationary firefighter who showed me around was a few weeks away from getting off probation

Next, we went by Fresno, CA City Station … Read the rest

Capt Craig Freeman

9-11 Patch Project/FireCareersBus Tour Schedule

Manhattan to Manhattan 9-11 Patch Project/FireCareersBus Tour “The journey has started”

Batt. Chief Bob Atlas

Secrets of Success for Entry Level Firefighters

Become the Unshakeable Optimist, This can be one of the most difficult things to do. It requires that you do not “jump on the bandwagon” every time someone starts talking negative. You must limit that exposure. It is imperative that you remain positive and protective of your time. You can choose your thoughts and how you process them. Remember, someone else is out there working on getting hired just like you. It is a dogfight and your objective is to be the last one standing. To do that you must have conviction all the time.