Matthew Lucas

Dear Fire Careers, I have been with my fire department for five years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. In five years I passed probation, completed paramedic school, and just finished #1 on the Engineer’s promotional exam. I have experienced some amazing events on the job. I’ve battled structure fires, attacked wildland fires on strike teams, extricated patients entrapped in vehicles, and delivered life saving medicine to gravely ill patients. Every day is truly an adventure in this line of work.

Our department has just hired six new Recruits and I find myself as a mentor to one. Looking back, I remember all the hard work I put into attaining this amazing career. One of the first steps in that process was to open my Perfect Firefighter Candidate account. Perfect Firefighter allowed me the opportunity to test with different departments and finally get hired.

I thank Perfect Firefighter for helping me to attain this career. Five years have past, and it keeps getting better. This the most amazing career in the world!

Best Regards,

Matthew Lucas Firefighter Paramedic National City Fire Department

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