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Firefighters Wanted – WHAT’S NEXT

In my last blog I asked you, “Why do you want to be a firefighter?” I wanted you to take a look at your story and develop the real reason behind your desire to become a career firefighter. The next step is figuring out what you will do to make it happen.


The first and best course of action will be developing a strategic plan, which is a comprehensive plan that provides you expectations and goals along a timeline. The plan is meant to be a living document that can be updated, reviewed and amended. Adopt the attitude that planning is an integral part of your success.

Let’s get started:

  • Vision Statement – Write your vision statement as it applies to you. For me, it was: “become a career firefighter in an agency where I see myself working a 30 year career.”
  • Mission Statement – Develop a well-rounded multi-level process that takes advantage of any training and educational opportunities. Associate with others who are like minded, maintain situational readiness, pre-plan each step of the process. Stay focused on personal development, maintain awareness of the process and at the same time, focus on your timeframe.
  • Initiatives – This includes: education, training, certifications, public service, fitness training, test taking, coaching, study, research, and other personal development.
  • Goals – Develop attainable goals in each of your initiatives. These are going to be detailed objectives that are incentive for you to stay the course.
  • Action Plan / Implementation – Now that you have an outline of where you are going and when it’s going to happen, it’s time to get on your personal road to success.
  • Review /Evaluate – As you move along in your timeline and start achieving your goals, make adjustments to ensure success. Review measured results, modify where needed, and continue to review and develop your plan.

The details are in the planning. By developing a strategic plan you can start down the path of becoming a career firefighter in a shorter period of time. Without a plan you will flounder and you run the risk of become re-active candidate instead of proactive candidate. Pre-plan your actions, so when the time comes to perform and demonstrate your skill set, you are ready.

Use a strategic plan to navigate the firefighter recruitment process and in short order you will be on the path to career firefighter success.


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