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Firefighters WANTED – Oral Question

Why do you want to become a Firefighter?

It’s an easy question to answer right? For many, this question has taken firefighter hopefuls to the bottom of the list, and fast. Why? Because most candidates asked this question never answer the question with complete honesty. Many times, a candidate will be misinformed and try to give an answer that is manufactured, or try to say what they think the interview panel is expecting to hear. The real expectation is that the panel is looking for a heartfelt answer that is authentic to you.

To provide the interview panel with the correct answer you will need to start at the beginning. When you experienced your trigger event- the moment when you thought to yourself, “Hey, I think I want to become a firefighter,” usually this trigger event is followed by a confirmation that solidifies your story of why you want to become a firefighter. Maybe you witnessed an event that had you thinking “maybe I’ll be a firefighter.” That’s the trigger event. After that, you were exposed to an event or situation that resonated with you and you told yourself “I’m definitely going to become a firefighter,” This is your “Why do you want to be firefighter?” response.

This means when you speak with the decision makers and if you know exactly what this trigger event is about, you will be able to tailor your story in a way that sounds appealing and is relatable. You need to adjust your presentation in a way to recognize that event and to present your story. You will create interest in their eyes because you are different than anyone else.

Do some soul searching and find the real answer, why do you really want to be a firefighter? What really happened and what is your story? The question is really asking for the truth behind the candidate. Answer with your heart and let them know the real story. Break away from the pack and show them why you are a standout!



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