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Firefighters Use FireCareers to find Firefighting Careers

I need to cancel my membership is music to my hears.  This means we did our job and helped the Perfect Firefighter Candidate find the perfect fire career.


Your website is the best resource for Firefighting jobs I’ve come across. I recommend it to everyone I meet that wants a career in Fire.  In fact, I start my first firefighter job on Monday all thanks to your website notifying me of the opening. I look forward to continue using your site.  Thank you! Tyler B




The Firecareers was a great tool in assisting me obtain a career as a firefighter. The Firecareers website was easy to navigate and would promptly send email notification when departments around me were hiring.

Thank you Firecareers for helping me get my dream job!
-Firefighter Michael Normand




If you are interested in becoming a Career Firefighter we can help. For the past 35 years we have been the leading resource for firefighter hopefuls.  If you find the membership fee to high for you budget let me know and I will send you membership discount coupons.  Text “COUPON” to 805.340.0043 and I will text you back a great deal to save you money with your job search.


Thanks for your involvement and good luck, we are here 24/7 to help you find a FireCareer faster.

How FireCareers works!!





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