Capt Craig Freeman

Firefighter – Las Vegas Fire Dept. Nevada


Las Vegas Fire Dept. (NV)

is accepting applications for

Firefighter Until Nov. 11, 2019


Firefighter Trainee

$45,879.86 – $75,049.52 Annually
City of Las Vegas, NV
Job Type
Fire and Rescue Department
Job Number
11/11/2019 11:59 PM Pacific
About the Position
ONLY on-line applications will be accepted.
Paper faxed documents or applications will be rejected.
Written Exam:  December 12, 2019 
If you submit a complete application and meet the minimum qualifications for the position you will be instructed to self-schedule through the CSN website. We will notify you via email with your written exam invitation and instructions by November 18, 2019. Deadline to register for the written examination will be December 9, 2019.
Oral Boards:  Tentatively scheduled for week of January 13, 2020 
Candidates invited to participate in the hiring interviews will be notified via email with detailed instructions.Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT):
Candidates identified to move forward in the process will be notified via e-mail of LVFR requirements for CPAT testing. Successful completion of the CPAT with a licensed CPAT agency completed between July 1, 2019 and January 31, 2020 is required as part of the selection process.EMT Certification:
Candidates must possess a current Nevada State or National Registry Emergency Medical Technician certificate on the date of conditional job offer.  See Minimum Requirements section of this posting for more information.If you are invited to participate in additional steps in the process you will be notified accordingly.

For more information on the testing process visit (Download PDF reader)

For recommended study material visit (Download PDF reader)

Learn to extinguish fires, perform rescue operations and maintain fire station facilities and equipment.
Distinguishing CharacteristicsThis is the entry level class in the Firefighter series.  This class is distinguished from the Firefighter in that entry level positions have not achieved successful completion of the city of Las Vegas Fire Training Academy.Supervision ReceivedReceives immediate supervision from higher level supervisory staff and training instructors.Essential Functions:

  1. Participate in Fire Academy training program and in on-the-job training activities; drill with engine company members; attend special instruction sessions in firefighting, rescue and emergency medical procedures and techniques.
  2. Learn the proper procedures for responding to fire incidents, including laying lines of hose, directing streams of water, carrying and setting up ladders and other equipment, including motorized equipment, ventilating buildings, performing rescue work and cleaning up after fires to limit water damage.
  3. Learn the proper procedures and techniques for rendering first aid and emergency medical assistance.
  4. Learn to clean and service firefighting apparatus and equipment, including motorized equipment; test and wash hose; and other equipment.
  5. Learn and follow all applicable safety procedures.
  6. Meet the criteria established by the department for acceptable performance at each step or level of training in order to progress to the next level.
  7. May be required to drive city vehicles to pick up supplies and equipment or to drive to and from training exercises.

Marginal Functions:

  1. Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.
  • Must be 18 years of age on the date of application.
  • Possession of a high school diploma or equivalent on the date of application.
  • Possession of a current Nevada State or National Registry Emergency Medical Technician certificate on the date of conditional job offer and maintenance thereafter.
    • For consideration in the first academy of 2019, EMT certification will be required by January 31, 2020.  If the EMT certificate will expire on or around these dates, written confirmation from the certifying agency must be submitted in lieu of an EMT certificate no later than January 31, 2020.  The letter must include the date the EMT certificate will be achieved or renewed with the new expiration date, and must be followed by submission of the renewed EMT certificate at the earliest opportunity. The Firefighter Trainee recruitment will only accept a copy of the candidate’s State of Nevada or National Registry EMT certificate or written confirmation from either agency showing the date the EMT certificate will be achieved or renewed which must be prior to January 31, 2020.
  • Must meet current physical condition requirements on the date of appointment.

Updated verification of CPAT completion and EMT certificate status will be required for future academies.

Knowledge of:Basic mathematical principles.
Basic mechanical principles.
Spatial relationships.Ability to:Learn to understand and act in accordance with departmental policies, rules and instructions in the field of firefighting.
Work under strict discipline and follow orders.
Demonstrate mechanical aptitude as required in the operation of fire fighting equipment.
Demonstrate physical aptitude as required by essential functions.
Read, understand and retain the information in technical materials, rules, regulations and procedures related to firefighting.
Read street maps and navigate streets.
Learn to operate and perform basic service and troubleshooting on small motors.
Learn to operate all fire fighting equipment, both manually operated and motorized.
Learn to analyze emergency situations and quickly determine effective courses of action.
Learn the layout of the city’s water main system and street numbering system.
Learn to read and interpret geographic information systems maps.
Learn to identify various hazardous materials.
Learn and follow all applicable safety procedures.
Retain presence of mind in emergency situations.
Observe the details of a situation and act accordingly.
Think and act quickly and effectively in emergencies.
Understand and follow oral and written directions promptly and accurately.
Operate and maintain voice radio equipment.
Work in adverse physical locations and conditions.
Perform heavy lifting and physical maneuvering.
Communicate clearly, concisely and effectively, both orally and in writing.
Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
Maintain physical condition to perform essential duties as specified by firefighter certification.
Maintain physical condition appropriate to the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities which may include the following:
— Performing life threatening firefighting activities in an emergency situation;
— Running, walking, crouching or crawling during emergency operations;
— Moving equipment and injured or deceased persons;
— Climbing stairs/ladders;
— Performing life-saving and rescue procedures;
— Walking, standing or sitting for extended periods of time; and
— Operating assigned equipment and vehicles.
Effectively deal with personal danger which may include exposure to:
— Fire encompassed surroundings;
— Dangerous persons;
— Dangerous animals;
— Hazards of emergency driving;
— Hazards associated with traffic control and working in and near traffic; and
— Natural and man-made disasters.
Maintain effective audio-visual discrimination and perception needed for:
— Making observations;
— Communicating with others;
— Reading and writing; and
— Operating assigned equipment and vehicles.
Maintain mental capacity which allows the capability of:
— Exercising sound judgment and rational thinking under dangerous circumstances;
— Evaluating various options and alternatives and choose an appropriate and reasonable course of action; and
— Demonstrating intellectual capabilities during training and testing processes.Competencies:Core Workforce CompetenciesProfessionalism – Demonstrates core values by being honest, respectful and positive.Effective Communication – Expresses verbal and written thought in a clear and understandable manner.Customer Focus – Demonstrates genuine concern and satisfies external and/or internal customers based on the CLV core purpose and values.Adaptability – Able to effectively modify behavior to suit changing workforce demands.

Problem Solving – Solves problems by considering all causes, solutions and outcomes.

Productive Partnerships – Develops, maintains and strengthens partnerships with others.

Technical and Safety Expertise – Possesses a depth of knowledge, skill and ability in a technical (job) area.


City of Las Vegas Fire and Rescue adheres to strict hiring policies and will screen out applicants by the following standards:

Applicants for all other positions are required to possess a high school diploma or GED at time of application.

Termination for cause by another public safety agency is disqualifying.

Any conviction within the past 12 months is disqualifying, including DUI.  Two or more alcohol related incidents in the past 48 months is disqualifying.

Applicants must have the right to work in the U.S. at the time of application.

The City of Las Vegas will be performing extensive background checks on each applicant.  Conviction of a crime requiring registration under NRS 207.090 or 207.153 (No Felony Convictions) or NRS 207.152 (Sex Offense) is disqualifying.  Conviction of a Gross Misdemeanor and/or two or more misdemeanors, other than traffic offenses, within the last five years is disqualifying.  For any position which may be required to carry a firearm, conviction of domestic violence or domestic assault is disqualifying.  Other conviction records will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Each applicant must have a valid driver’s license on the date of application.  A copy of the license MUST be attached at the time of application or the applicant will be disqualified from the hiring process.
State law requires residents to acquire a Nevada driver’s license within 30 days of Nevada residency.  Suspensions, revocations or cancelations of driver’s license within the last three years will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Prior to employment, candidates must submit to a hair drug test.  A positive drug test for any controlled substance is disqualifying.  Use of the following controlled substance within one (1) year of the date of the written application is disqualifying:


Any use of the following controlled substances is disqualifying:
Opiates (including heroin)
Phencyclidine (PCP)

Conviction of the manufacture, distribution, sale, purchase or possession of any of the aforementioned controlled or dangerous drugs within five (5) years of the date of the written application is disqualifying.

All positive drug tests are reviewed by a medical review officer.

Separation from any branch of the United States Armed Forces under less than “honorable” conditions, or separation honorably from the Armed Forces for reasons of unsuitability or misconduct is disqualifying.

Two or more unrelated outstanding traffic warrants, excluding parking tickets, in the last two years is disqualifying.

Any misrepresentations, either intentionally or unintentionally, will be grounds for disqualification.  Final applicants will be required to submit to a test using a truth verification device.  Any evidence that an applicant has willingly provided false or misleading information during the application and testing process or in his/her written application or background questionnaire, or has cheated during any portion of the testing process, will be grounds for disqualification.

Reporting for any phase of the testing after the scheduled time is grounds for disqualification.

Any stated reason by the applicant which positively indicates he/she cannot do the functions of the position for which he/she applied is grounds for disqualification.

Other factors not cited above may prove to be disqualifying if it is determined to be in the best interest of the City of Las Vegas and Las Vegas Fire and Rescue.

Veteran’s preference points will be awarded on open examinations at time of initial hire only after a final passing score of 70% or higher has been attained.  Five (5) points will be added to the veteran’s final score, not to exceed 100%.  For purposes of veteran’s preference, a “veteran” refers to a person who has served on active duty in the armed forces of the United States, and who is able to establish that they have been discharged under an honorable or general discharge.  The DD-214 must have the “character of service” to establish eligibility for preference points and must be attached at the time of application.

For candidates who have a service-related disability or are the recipient of a purple heart, ten (10) preference points will be awarded (as outlined above.)  To receive the ten (10) points, candidates must provide a Standard Form SF-15 along with their DD-214.

EXAMINATION PROCEDURES: A civil service examination will be conducted in accordance with the Civil Service Rules of the city of Las Vegas. Those applicants meeting the minimum requirements will be invited to participate in the written exam weighted 100%, and those candidates with a minimum score of 70% or higher will be placed on an eligible list.

For all other recruitment information and FAQ’s visit

       IAFF Compensation and Benefits – 2019


  • Negotiated as part of the collective bargaining process.
  • Step (Merit) Increase – typically awarded on the anniversary date of hire, up to range maximum
  • Number of Steps:
    • Tier 1 – 10 steps
    • Tier 2 – 11 steps


Uniform Allowance

  • The City initially provides employees with uniforms. Thereafter, uniform maintenance allowance is currently $375, which is paid quarterly.

Tool/Equipment Allowance

  • City provides required tools, equipment and personal protective equipment.

Retirement (PERS)

  • Eligible employees participate in the Public Employees’ Retirement System of Nevada (PERS).  PERS, a statewide defined benefit plan, calculates retirement benefits based on 2.5 percent (current percentage for employees hired 1/1/10 and after) for each year of service, applied to the employee’s highest consecutive 36-month average salary.  PERS also requires that employees share 50 percent of the PERS contribution, which is implemented by reducing the City’s salary ranges.  The highest consecutive 36-month average salary is increased commensurate with the salary range reductions required by PERS.

Deferred Compensation

  • The city offers a 457(b) Plan which is a government deferred compensation plan similar to a 401(k) plan. It offers both pre-tax and after-tax savings and investment options.

Medical, Dental and Vision Health Insurance

  • Health insurance is currently provided by Las Vegas Firefighters Health & Welfare Trust.  City currently contributes $500 per employee per pay period to the health and welfare trust. Insurance start dates and premium rates are determined by the trust.

Voluntary Life Insurance: Available for purchase.
Shift Differential: Available for some classifications.
Tuition Reimbursement
Employee Assistance Program
VACATION (Hours/Year, for 56-hour personnel)

  • Year 1:  120 hours
  • Years 2-4: 192 hours
  • Years 5-10: 264 hours
  • Years 11-15: 288 hours
  • Year 16 and Over: 312 hours
  • Maximum Accrual: 2 times accrual rate if hired after 7/1/13.
  • Sell-Back: Up to 10 shifts each year.


  • City provides 11 paid holidays plus a birthday holiday.

SICK LEAVE (for 56- hour personnel)

  • Sick Leave: 288 hours per year.
  • Maximum Accrual: 1920 hours; hired after 07/01/2013.
  • Sick Leave Bonus: Negotiated sick leave bonus available.
  • Payout at Separation: After 5 years of service, 50% of vested hours up to cap; after 20 years of service or more, 100% of vested hours up to cap.


NOTE: Benefits subject to change
Revised 01/2019


I understand that in order for my application to receive every consideration in the selection process, I must fully complete the application as well as this supplemental questionnaire. The information I provide will be reviewed and used to determine my eligibility to move forward in the selection process. Unanswered questions, incomplete responses, false statements, omissions, partial information or failure to attach required documents at the time of application may result in disqualification from the selection process. “See resume” or “refer to application” will be considered an unanswered question. I have read and understand the above instructions regarding supplemental questions.

  • Yes
  • No

Are you at least 18 years of age?

  • Yes
  • No

Do you have a high school diploma or equivalent?

  • Yes
  • No

Do you currently possess a valid driver’s license?

  • Yes
  • No

The Firefighter Trainee recruitment will only accept applications that have attached a copy of the applicant’s valid driver’s license or the application will be deemed incomplete and be disqualified.

  • Yes, I understand I must attach a copy of my valid driver’s license or my application will be disqualified.

Do you currently possess a State of Nevada or National Registry EMT certificate? If so, did you attach a copy of your certification to your application.

  • Yes. I have attached a copy of my State of Nevada or National Registry EMT certificate to my application.
  • No, I do not possess an EMT certificate from the State of Nevada or National Registry.

If you answered “Yes” to Question #6, what type of EMT certification do you possess from either the State of Nevada or the National Registry?

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Paramedic
  • None

If you answered “No” to Question #6, will you be in possession of your EMT certificate by January 31, 2020.

  • Yes, I will be in possession of my EMT certification or provide a letter from the State of Nevada or National Registry with proof that I will have my proper certification completed by January 31, 2020.
  • No, I will not have my EMT certification by January 31, 2020; but will provide an immediate update to the Firefighter Trainee recruitment upon receipt of my certificate.
Describe in detail your experience as a firefighter. Include the employer, job title, dates of employment, hours worked per week and primary duties. If none, enter “n/a”.

In an effort to go Green, the city of Las Vegas will only be sending out electronic notices. Please check junk and spam folders for important notices.

  • I understand that the city of Las Vegas Human Resources Department will only be sending electronic notices and I must check my junk and spam folders for important messages.

In order to qualify for veteran’s preference points, a copy of my DD-214 must be attached at the time of employment application submission.

  • I understand I must attach a copy of my DD-214 in order to qualify for veteran’s preference points.

Required Question

City of Las Vegas
495 S. Main StreetLas Vegas, Nevada, 89101
(702) 229-6315

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