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We are celebrating our 36th year serving Future Firefighters. We have a special offer to join during our 36 year anniversary celebration (Please see offer below)




Testimonial:, I would like to thank you for your great website and for all of the up to date job 
postings and notifications. You are truly the top notch resource for someone looking to apply for 
fire positions. Your website led me to over 50 applications, 10-15 interviews, 7 Chiefs interviews, 
multiple background processes, psych exams, polygraphs, medical screenings and beyond. I am 
cancelling my subscription because I finally landed a fire position and I plan on spending the rest 
of my career there. I appreciate the opportunities this site made me aware of, but I respectfully 
say I hope I will never need you again. Thank you for everything and best of luck with business.
Travis Skuba

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Sunnyside Fire Dept. (WA)


Salary: $4,671.00 to $5,676.00 month

Until: (Building an Eligibility List)

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Kennewick Fire Dept. (WA)


Salary: $24.05 hr. – Firefighter
$27.21 hr. – Firefighter/Paramedic

Until: (Building an Eligibility List)

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Special Offer:

Join FireCareers during our 36 year anniversary celebration and get full access to our site for a year and your membership fee is ONLY $36.00  That’s only $3.00 a month a huge savings off the annual membership of $110.0. Join NOW and put the power of FireCareers to work for you.  We are a proven resource, let us work for you and keep you informed, up-dated and testing.

Join FireCareers the Nations Gold Standard for Firefighter recruitment.  If you are serious about career firefighting we are ready to join your team and get you hired faster. After you start your membership you will soon join the ranks of thousands who have come before you and are now working as career firefighters.  Our system is unique and we are Perfect Firefighter Candidate and our site is the number ONE on line Firefighter jobs board.

Join FireCareers and start an annual membership, use Coupon Code 36years and get hired faster.  Thanks and good luck, Captain Craig Freeman












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