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FIRE CHIEF – Cortez Fire Protection District

Cortez Fire Protection District (CO) is accepting apps for FIRE CHIEF Until: February 28, 2018  Salary $70,000 to $75,000 annually. For details about thousands of other fire departments looking to hire firefighters Join today…  Fill out your PROFILE and get access to thousands of career firefighter recruitment’s across the Country.  FREE 7 Day Pass

corteztopCortez Fire Protection District (CO)

is accepting applications for


Position / Title: Fire Chief

Job posting date: 02/01/2018

Cortez Fire Protection District
Chief Officer
Filing deadline
Paid Position
$70,000 to $75,000 annually



Must have a minimum of ten years of increasingly responsibility in fire suppression and emergency medical response experience and financial and personnel management, including two (2) years of full-time employment as a Deputy Chief Officer or equivalent rank
Must have an Associate’s Degree from an accredited college or technical school; a Bachelor’s Degree is preferred.
National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer certification desirable.
Must have the ability to read and write in the English language as to accurately complete legal documents and/or interpret legal and comprehensive documents.
Previous experience with a combination department would be a desirable asset


Knowledge of fire behavior, fire chemistry, firefighter safety, and modern effective firefighting tactics and the ability to implement this knowledge during high stress situations.
Knowledge of public administration, accounting principles, budget planning and control, principles of management, performance evaluation and public relations regarding Fire District operations.
Possess the knowledge and skill to effectively solve practical and dynamic problems with a variety of challenging environments.
Knowledge of proper documentation of incident information, report generation and statistical information.
Knowledge and understanding of utilizing principles of supervision, interaction management, and delegation of authority.
Knowledge of the Incident Command System and ability to perform position duties and as assigned.
Knowledge of emergency medical scene management and appropriate patient treatments by Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support providers.
Possess excellent communication skills both written and oral, for effective and appropriate interactions with board members, subordinates and the public.
Possess the necessary skills to be able to professionally deal with members of the public.
Possess the necessary knowledge and skill to handle personnel disputes, arguments and disagreements without allowing for unnecessary escalation.
Ability to recruit, select, train, and supervise department personnel.
Ability to perform work in extreme conditions requiring good physical condition.
Ability to make independent judgments which have critical impact on the organization.
Ability to deal persuasively and effectively with property owners and the general public.
Ability to think conceptually, observe and evaluate trends, analyze data, draw logical conclusions, and make sound decisions and recommendations.
Ability to react to emergency situations quickly and calmly to adopt effective courses of action, giving consideration to surrounding hazards and circumstances.
Ability to assess and assign priorities to administrative issues and work assignments when confronted with several pressing demands at one time; and express ideas, clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing.

Special Filing Instructions:

The Cortez Fire Protection District is seeking qualified and motivated applicants for the position of full-time Fire Chief to lead a progressive, value-based, fire protection district in Southwest Colorado. The Fire Chief is the highest ranking officer within the Fire District and is responsible for the overall administration and operations of the District. The Fire Chief reports directly to a five member, elected Board of Directors. The Fire Chief Job Description, which the Board may amend at any time in its sole discretion, describes the authority, duties, and qualifications for the position. A copy of the Fire Chief Job Description is attached. The Fire Chief must be diversified in coping with various demands while maintaining a dedication to teamwork, responsive leadership, and community service.

The District currently has 12 full time and 14 part time firefighters who respond from a single, soon to be newly constructed, central fire station, and 2 outlying volunteer stations. The District is located in the south west corner of Colorado, and covers approximately 164 square miles. The District provides response services to the City of Cortez, local schools, numerous residential properties surrounding the City; as well several large scale agricultural operations and numerous commercial occupancies. The Fire District currently provides fire suppression, rescue, basic hazardous materials and first responder emergency medical support services.

Contact Info:

Applicants must submit a letter of intent, a complete resume, copies of certifications / degrees, a current email address and phone number. Letters must be received on or before February 28, 2018.

Mail required documents to: Cortez Fire Protection District
31 W. Main Street
Cortez, Colorado 81321

Applications received after February 28, 2018 will not be considered.

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