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City of New Orleans (LA) is accepting apps for EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN. Salary $33,524. annually  Until Open until filled.   For details about this career and over 3,400 other fire departments looking to hire firefighters Join today…  Fill out your PROFILE and get access to thousands of career firefighter recruitment’s across the Country.  FREE 7 Day Pass


 City of New Orleans (LA)

is accepting applications for:


City of New Orleans Logo CITY OF NEW ORLEANS
invites applications for the position of:


SALARY: $33,524.00 /Year
Paraprofessional and specialized medical work providing emergency medical services under the direction of a licensed physician; and related work as required.
1)  Possession of a current provisional or permanent National Registry Certification as an
Emergency Medical Technician Basic.  Original certification must be presented to Civil 
Service at the time of application.
2)  Possession of a current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification.  Original
certification must be presented to Civil Service at the time of application.
3)  Possession of a current Louisiana State EMS Certification Commission Certification.
Original certification must be submitted to EMS after a conditional offer of employment
has been made. 

4)  Possession of a current Orleans Parish EMT permit issued by the New Orleans Health Department. Original certification must be submitted to EMS within the first 30 calendar days of employment.

If hired, employees must maintain all required licenses, permits and certificates during the duration of their employment. Failure to comply with any of the above listed provisions will result in termination.

The probationary period for this position shall be one (1) year.

A qualifying review of certificates and personal qualifications.This is a non-competitive original entrance examination in accordance with Rule V, Section 8.1 (b) if the City Civil Service Rules.
DOMICILE requirements are waived for this position.THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER AND DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE ON THE BASIS OF RACE, COLOR, RELIGION, NATIONAL ORIGIN, GENDER, AGE, PHYSICAL OR MENTAL DISABILITY, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, CREED, CULTURE, OR ANCESTRY.  REQUESTS FOR ALTERNATE FORMAT OR ACCOMMODATIONS SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO SHELLY STOLP AT (504) 658-3516 OR TTY/VOICE AT (504) 586-4475 OR (504) 658-4020.  Applications will not be accepted if received after the closing date or after the stated maximum number of applications has been received, as specified on this announcement. All minimum qualification requirements for examinations must be met by the final filing date unless otherwise specified on this announcement. Applications must be submitted on the official application form AND MUST BE RECEIVED IN THE DEPARTMENT OF CITY CIVIL SERVICE, 1340 POYDRAS STREET, SUITE 900, NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, BEFORE THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON THE FINAL FILING DATE.

DELAY IN THE MAIL: The Department of City Civil Service cannot be responsible for failure of the applicant to receive an admission slip to an examination or for failure of the Department to receive material mailed by the applicant. Applicants should notify the Department of City Civil Service in writing of any address changes.
DOMICILE requirements are waived for purpose of application. However, all new employees hired on or after January 1, 2013 must be domiciled in Orleans Parish within 180 days of hire. Airport employees are excluded from this provision.
The minimum age limit is 18 years for any class of work requiring hard physical labor, operation of or proximity to hazardous machinery, exposure to hazardous chemicals, or participation in any other processes or procedures which are prohibited or limited by the Louisiana State Child Labor Law.
The working test (probation) period for most positions in the classified service is six months unless otherwise specified. Any working test period may be extended to a maximum of one year at the request of the appointing authority. Positions in the Inspector General’s Office, Fire Department, Mosquito Control and Police Department as well as all positions in the classes of Institutional Counselor II & III (original entrance), Librarian I-IV, Management Development Analyst I & II, and Management Development Specialist I & II (original entrance), require a one year working test period.
The City of New Orleans has a comprehensive program of substance abuse testing. Candidates for employment for certain positions where the health, welfare and/or safety of the public, co-workers and the individual employee is at risk will have to undergo pre-employment substance abuse screening. Candidates for all other original entrance positions will have to undergo an unannounced substance abuse screening during their working test period. For further information, see Civil Service Rule V, Section 9.
A MEDICAL EXAMINATION is required for all original entrance probationary appointments to ACTIVE classifications, and may be required for re-employment, promotions and/or transfers.
A MEDICAL SCREENING, which may result in a medical examination, is required for all original entrance probationary appointments to non-active classifications.
GOOD MORAL CHARACTER is required of all applicants. Any applicant may be disqualified if his/her character or past employment record is found to be unsatisfactory as determined by the Department of City Civil Service. Forgery, misrepresentation of facts, or cheating on examinations is punishable by disqualification, fine and other penalties.
IMPORTANT: Applicants who are licensed to drive should have a current license on their person for purposes of identification during all phases of an examination. In lieu of such license, the Department of City Civil Service may require that applicants have some form of picture identification.
VETERANS PREFERENCE: On original entrance examinations, veterans (as defined in Article X, Section 10(2) of the Constitution of the State of Louisiana), disabled veterans, certain spouses and parents of veterans shall receive additional credit if claimed as provided on the Veterans Preference claim form which can be obtained in this office. To obtain credit, this form must be submitted with the required proof (at the minimum, a DD214) before the final filing date.
ACCREDITED COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES: An accredited college or university is an institution that is accredited as a college or university by an organization that is recognized by the USDE (United States Department of Education). 

PROFESSIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE EXPERIENCE: The Civil Service Department defines this experience as experience gained after receiving a Bachelor’s Degree.


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