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City of Spartanburg SC is accepting applications for Firefighter



The Spartanburg Fire Department is responsible for providing Spartanburg’s 37,000 residents, as well as thousands of business owners and their employees, with fire suppression, prevention, and technical rescue services. Protecting an area of around 20 square miles from five fire stations, and providing support to other departments outside the City when needed, Spartanburg’s Fire Department is the only one in Spartanburg County staffed entirely with career firefighters.

The Department’s motto, “Preservation through Prevention” is an expression of its commitment to building and maintaining a safe, prosperous, and vibrant city through effective fire prevention and emergency preparedness programs. The City Fire Department is one of only 17 departments in South Carolina to earn a Class 1 rating from the New Jersey-based Insurance Services Office, placing the City in the top one percent in the state and top one percent nationwide for fire suppression services. Because of this excellent service rating, City residents enjoy savings of up to 50% on their homeowner’s insurance over outlying areas in Spartanburg County.


All those wishing to serve as City of Spartanburg Firefighters must pass a Civil Service Examination, which we conduct twice a year. This testing process includes a written examination, a physical agility test, and a Civil Service interview panel. For more information on our next test date, see our Facebook page.



Salary – $38,110.00 Annually
Location – Spartanburg, SC
Job Type – Full-time
Job Number – 1000
Under general supervision, answers and responds to calls and alarms related to fire and rescue emergencies exercising sound judgment in performing fire suppression and rescue tasks.  Works under stressful, high-risk conditions.
Examples of Duties
Responds to emergency calls and alarms related to fie and rescue emergencies; drives pumper trucks to fire scenes transporting equipment and personnel to perform fire suppression and rescue services.Combats and extinguishes fires by using pumper trucks, generators, hoses and nozzles, axes, forcible entry tools, ladders, chain saws, air packs, etc.; rescues victims and administers CPR and basic first aid as needed until EMS personnel arrive at scene.Attends and participates in fire safety training as required; assists in conducting training sessions as needed.  Conducts inspections of various buildings, facilities, public assemblies, etc., enforcing fire and city codes; inspects residential homes as requested.

Assists in the preparation of pre-fire readiness; tests and evaluates equiment in order to ensure safety; refills air tanks, loads hoses, folds tarps, cleans ladders, etc.

Performs preventative maintenance on firefighting apparatus.

Prepares, processes and/or transmits incident reports, preventative maintenance reports, inspection and water works reports, receipt books, and pre-fire plans, etc.

Exercise safety precautions in extinguishing fires and related events where dangerous conditions exist.

Typical Qualifications
High school diploma or equivalent.  SC Class II driver’s license.Must be able to operate various types of motor vehicles as well as a variety of types of firefighting and other equipment including hose tools and appliances, forcible entry tools, etc.Must be able to lift and/or carry weights of approximately one hundred pounds.  Must by physically able to react quickly to a dangerous situation.

Supplemental Information
A preliminary criminal history check will be conducted on each applicant and then an executive review will be made of all applicants.Fire applicants must successfully complete a series of tests and be certified by the Civil Service Commission to be considered for employment.  This testing consists of a written exam, a physical agility test and an oral interview before a three-person panel.PRIOR TO COMPLETING THE APPLICATION, PLEASE PRINT AND SIGN THESE AUTHORIZATION FORMS.  YOU WILL BE PROMPTED TO UPLOAD THEM WHILE COMPLETING THE ONLINE APPLICATION:
FIRE DEPT. STARTING PAY:Firefighter – $38,110.00
Firefighter II – $38,872.52
Firefighter Specialist – $41,633.66
Engineer – $45,504.67

City of Spartanburg  P.O. Drawer 1749  Spartanburg, South Carolina, 29304



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