Brian Levine

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate, I want to thank you for your service that you provided to me as well as other candidates. Applying for the position of firefighter with any department is one of the toughest roads any person will travel. Your service made this process much easier as it cut out the possibility of anyone wasting their time. Your information in terms of filing deadlines, qualifications, and fire department websites was always clear, concise, and accurate. Your service is well worth the small monthly fee, and I highly recommend that anyone wanting to become a firefighter takes advantage of this wonderful and invaluable service. It would be a diservice to yourself if you do not sign up.

I lost count of how many tests/interviews I have taken, but I am happy to say that I was offered my dream job with the Los Angeles City Fire Department in August 2007. I love my job and what I do, and your service definitely helped me find my way. Thank you again for paving that road.

Respectfully, Firefighter Brian Levine LAFD

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