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Becoming a firefighter made simple

Before becoming a firefighter, prospective candidates must fulfil a number of specific requirements. While every application will, of course, be considered on an individual’s qualifications, it’s essential to meet certain pre-requisites.


Age is the first requirement – firefighters are usually over the age of 18. A high school diploma is also essential, as is a valid drivers’ license. Your record must also be free of felonies, traffic violations or drug use.


Specific requirements for becoming a firefighter


There are several other qualifications that those looking into becoming a firefighter can gain to make finding employment that much easier. These include:

  • Emergency Medical Technician certification
  • Paramedic certification
  • Firefighter certification
  • Candidate Physical Ability Test


Find out more about becoming a firefighter

Fire Careers can give firefighter candidates a foot in the door. Members get job updates texted to their phone and access to the industry through our expert team. We can even put you in contact with industry professionals.

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