Capt Craig Freeman

Why EMT jobs are a great basis for careers in the fire service

An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) qualification is an essential part of being in the fire service; medical emergencies make up over 80% of the calls fire fighters respond to.

EMT Qualifications: essential for EMT jobs

Studying for an EMT certification has numerous benefits. Even unqualified, you can apply for jobs related to the fire service provided you’ve completed a few months of the course. EMT lasts for a single college semester and successful students can work for fire departments, ambulances, hospitals, and even basic life support transport services. They can also take up paramedic and EMT jobs, of course.

How EMT jobs benefit fire fighters

Fire fighters do a lot more than respond to medical issues, but the fact remains that a large part of everyday life in the fire service is spent handling emergencies related to EMT jobs. Most departments now require EMT qualifications and even those that don’t are impressed by candidates who have completed the training.

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