Vernon Teltschick

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

When I first was out of the academy and started looking for a job I found out if a city was testing by calling each one to see when they were planning on hiring. This usually took a couple of phone calls to get to the person who knew this information. As you can imagine this was very time consuming and half the places I called weren’t testing at that time or I had just missed the deadline to apply.

A volunteer I worked with told me about this web site. The Perfect Firefighter Candidate made things so much easier and less time consuming. I recommend this site to any prospective firefighter.

Surprisingly the Firefighting profession is a largely sought after career and is very competitive. A firefighter candidate must not limit themselves to applying to one or two departments and hoping for success. Unless you’re lucky you will test at several places before making the cut. I was out of the academy for five months and tested in thirteen places during that time.

I’ve been working for the Victoria Fire Department for over a year now. All the places I tested at I found out about through The Perfect Firefighter. It was well worth the small price and I would highly recommend it to any firefighter looking for employment.

Sincerely, Vernon Teltschick

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