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Test Taking Strategies-How To Smoke The Firefighter Written Test

How to smoke the firefighter written test!

The written test can be the first step to a long and successful career or it can be the first step to putting in your application to another job opening. I have found the written test to be the easiest part of the firefighter application process as long as you are well prepared for it. Preparation for this test is the only part of the process that you can influence yourself. Make sure you take time to study hard for these tests. Take as many tests as possible to gain experience and confidence in the test taking process. Most firefighters applying for jobs today will end up applying for five to ten years before they nail their dream job.

Don’t ever pass up an opportunity, some applicants will only apply for one department over and over again.  Most often this process will only lead to the applicant being discouraged and loosing confidence. If given the opportunity at a full-time job take the job. Fire Chiefs are looking for experienced career firefighters with good work ethics, good work history and a good education background.

Most common parts of the firefighter entrance exam are:

• Reading Comprehension (See how well you understand reading and can relate it to the question being asked)
• Basic arithmetic (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing)
• Mathematics involving fractions and decimals
• Conversion problems (inches/feet/yards, ounces/pounds, ounces/pints/quarts/ gallons and seconds/minutes/hours)
• Job-Related Personal Characteristics
• Psychological Questions
• Firefighter Related Questions
• Mechanical Aptitude (test your knowledge on basic mechanical equipment and its operations)
• Basic Map Understanding (Test your ability to follow directions and read a map)

Disqualifications for the firefighter written test:

• Showing up late to the exam, most testing facility’s are private companies contracted out by the department. They have very specific instructions to follow during the testing process.
• Not brining the proper identification outlined in your acceptance letter from the fire department.
• Not brining required documentation to the written exam. When receiving the letter from the fire department make sure you read it a few times. Most often they have specific criteria and documents you need to bring to the exam to sit for the test.

Test Taking Strategies:

1. Choose the answer that is generally the best: For example; Read the question and choose the answer that is generally true or usually true, not by what would be true in some particular case.

2. Be on top of your game: Most departments will only take the top ten percent scores from the written test. This means you need to score a 90% or better on the written test. Get enough sleep the night before, eat a healthy breakfast and be early for the test.

3. Read the entire question and carefully: When reading the question make sure you understand the question. Some people will read it very fast and skip key words in the question and formulate an answer prior to finishing. Make sure you read the question slow and all the way to the end.

4. Don’t give up: Most people taking these tests will get frustrated and give up quickly. Some applicants will not even attempt the question. Make sure you at least fill in the blank. There is no penalty for trying.

5. Don’t change your answers too much: The more you change your answer the more likely it will be wrong. Statistics say the first answer you pick is most often the correct answer.

6. Check your answers over: Most often we find that many applicants have the right answer but accidentally mark the wrong selection. This often times happens because of being rushed or just nervous about the exam.

Can you study for the written exam?

We have picked out the five best firefighter prep guides to help you study for the firefighter written test.

Norman Hall's Firefighter Exam Preparation Book Norman Hall’s Firefighter Exam Preparation Book
Average Rating:
43 total customer reviews…

Norman Hall’s Firefighter Exam Preparation Book-Guaranteed Top Scores on Your Firefighter’s Exam!Want to be a firefighter? Do you know what is involved in taking the exam? Don’t take a chance at failing a test you could ace–learn from the expert, Norman Hall.

For more than a decade, Norman Hall’s Firefighter Exam Preparation Book has been the #1 test preparation book for prospective firefighters. Back by popular demand, Norman Hall has completely updated and revised this hugely successful book for this second edition, presenting new tips and time-tested methods for attaining the highest scores.

Practice your skills using features such as tips on how to pass the physical requirements, practice exams with answer keys, memory aids to help you master the recall test, tables for self-scoring, insights on what a career in firefighting entails, and a discussion of the final interview.

You will score 80% to 100% using Norman Hall’s proven system. If you don’t, your purchase price for this book will be fully refunded. See inside for details! Use Norman Hall’s Firefighter Exam Preparation Book, 2nd Edition to study hard and score at the top!

Smoke Your Firefighter Written Exam Smoke Your Firefighter Written Exam
Average Rating:
16 total customer reviews…

Smoke Your Firefighter Written Exam-(330 Pages) breaks down every phase of the written exam. Chief Lepore covers virtually every topic that you would be likely to encounter in an entry-level firefighter written examination.

The book’s chapters cover each of the following: Spelling Practice; Reading Comprehension; Language Mechanics; Language Expression; Vocabulary; Mathematics; Mechanical Ability(with emphasis on: Hydraulics, The Inclined Plane, The Lever, The Gear, The Pulley and The Screw); Perceptual Ability; Spatial Relations; Finding the Hidden Geometry; Pattern Analysis, Matching Parts and Figures; Map Reading and more!

Each chapter opens with a discussion on how to solve a particular type of problem followed by a series of sample questions and possible answers. However, Smoke Your Firefighter Written Exam goes beyond just providing practice questions and answers; it teaches the reader the basic rules and principles behind these questions. The reasoning behind each correct answer is presented in clear, easy-to-understand language, allowing the reader the ability to fully understand and solve each problem.

Since most fire departments administer written examinations, it is imperative that an entry-level candidate is able to pass them. Smoke Your Firefighter Written Exam will help you maximize your score and help you gain the edge over your competition!

Barron's Firefighter Candidate Exams, 7th Edition (Barron's Firefighter Exams) Barron’s Firefighter Candidate Exams, 7th Edition (Barron’s Firefighter Exams)
Average Rating:
11 total customer reviews…

Barron’s Firefighter Candidate Exams, 7th Edition (Barron’s Firefighter Exams)-This revised and updated manual presents–
A preliminary diagnostic exam with answers
Five full-length practice exams typical of firefighter exams given to candidates across North America
All test questions answered and explained
Includes information on revised candidate exams (CPAT)
General advice and information for prospective firefighters includes physical fitness standards, and learning to recognize and correct weaknesses in visualization, spatial orientation, and more.

Master the Firefighter Exam Master the Firefighter Exam
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total customer reviews…

Master the Firefighter Exam-Master the Firefighter Exam provides everything you need to pass local, state, and national written exams, including test-taking strategies, information on the firefighter screening process, expert oral interview and job search advice, and a review of the Candidate Physical Ability Test.

5 practice tests based on firefighter exams given throughout the United States
Review of Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) skill sets
The latest EMT, first aid, and crisis management requirements
Expert advice on acing the oral interview and information on psychological testing

CliffsNotes Firefighter Exam Cram Plan CliffsNotes Firefighter Exam Cram Plan
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3 total customer reviews…

CliffsNotes Firefighter Exam Cram Plan-Get a plan to ace the exam—no matter how much time you have left
Includes a diagnostic test to help you pinpoint where you need the most help
Includes a two-month, one-month, and one-week cram plan
Full-length practice exam with complete answer explanations

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