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Securing firefighter employment with Fire Career’s help

Firefighter employment throughout the United States is fiercely competitive. If you have your heart set on a firefighting career, work with online recruitment service FireCareers to gain industry expertise and other advantages.


Have you submitted a number of firefighter employment applications without success? Perhaps your CV’s light on a number of important pre-requisites.


Firefighter trainees should be over 18 years with their high school diploma. A valid license is also a must. A history of traffic violations, drug use or felonies is not permitted.

Firefighter employment essentials

In addition to the basics, individuals seeking firefighter employment can gain a much-needed competitive advantage by sitting for additional qualifications, including:

  • Candidate Physical Ability test
  • Emergency Medical Technician certification
  • Paramedic certification
  • Firefighter certification

Dependent on the fire department you’re applying with, you may also require a bilingual qualification or college degree.

Firefighter employment

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