Peter Benson

Dear Perfect Firefighter,

I just wanted to take the time and let those who are thinking about subscribing to your service know how “Perfect Firefighter Candidate” played a pivotal role in starting my career. Before I knew about “PFC” I had only heard about tests in my area through word-of-mouth. After subscribing, I never missed a test again.

And after four years of hard work, volunteering, and relentless testing all over the state of California, I secured a position with the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District, as a Firefighter/EMT. My dream of becoming a firefighter has come true.

So when people ask me for advice, I tell them to keep pursuing their dream by doing whatever it takes. The first thing I usually tell them is to check out “Perfect Firefighter Candidate” and sign up. It has been a great tool in my success.

Sincerely, Peter Benson Firefighter/EMT East Contra Costa F.P.D. Contra Costa County, CA

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