Julie DeJarlais

Dear Perfect Firefighter,

Sorry for the delay in my Testimonial, but like they say…better late then never right? Thanks for your understanding.

I’ve won the lottery! With the amazing help of Perfect Firefighter, I’ve landed one of the most coveted jobs in America…professional Firefighter position with the City of San Francisco!

Before I knew about this program, it was the continual word of mouth, phone calls and he said she said about who was hiring and when the tests were taking place. Perfect Firefighter made my search and testing process an absolute breeze! No more disappointing, oops you’re a day late on getting that application in.

I whole-heartedly recommend to my friends and others who are trying to get hired, to subscribe to Perfect Firefighter. The bring you that much closer to living your dream!

I can’t put into words how amazing the moment is when you finally get the badge pinned on your chest! Thank you so VERY much Perfect Firefighter for giving me the winning lottery ticker!

With the Utmost Respect & Thanks
Firefighter Julie DeJarlais
15 Truck San Francisco Fire Dept.

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