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How to become a fire fighter

A lot of hard work and preparation goes into learning how to become a fire fighter. It’s both a physically and mentally demanding career path, and recruiters select only the best of the best.

Just a few of the basic requirements of how to become a fire fighter include:

  • Age. Applicants must be 18 and over to take fire fighting exams, and at least 21 to be hired.
  • Personal history. Past records are all thoroughly reviewed including residency, driving, education and legal.
  • Citizenship. Applicants must be US residents.
  • Character. References must be provided by upstanding community members.
  • Driver’s license. Applicants must have a valid license for the state in which they’re taking their exam.

How to become a fire fighter in the United States

Once candidates have passed the requisite exams, be they psychological, written or physical, they will typically enter a traineeship, apprenticeship or probationary period.

Trainees will undergo regular drills to ensure key functions are memorized, as well as mandatory classroom sessions.

How to become a fire fighter: risks and rewards

Fighting fires can be a life-threatening undertaking – all fire fighters must be aware of this before entering the field, and take the appropriate precautions for their personal safety, as well as the safety of their team.

To learn more about gaining an entry-level fire fighting position, contact Fire Careers recruitment service today at 1-800-326-8401.

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