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Firefighting as a Career

Firefighting as a career is fiercely competitive. Whether you’re eager to secure your first entry-level role, or would like to advance within the industry, it’s important that you utilize all the advantages available to you.

Fire Careers is a long-established fire recruitment service. We have access to nationwide job and training opportunities as soon as they’re made available. Don’t waste time trawling through different websites or publications, trying to keep track of which department’s offering what role at which pay grade; let Fire Careers provide you with relevant updates via email, text message and Facebook.

Fire Careers: helping you realize firefighting as a career

With all the job-hunting hours you free up as a result of Fire Careers, you can refocus on preparing for interviews, enhancing your resume with volunteer work, and improving your fitness for a long and successful firefighting career.

For just $9.95/month you’ll gain access to:

  • Expert advice from fire professionals
  • Instant job notifications
  • Membership incentive programs

What’s more, if you’ve recently been made redundant you can enjoy Fire Careers’ service for free.


The first steps towards firefighting as a career

We’re proud of our proven track record for placing individuals in firefighting as a career. For more information on how we can help you, contact today.

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