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DRIVER / ENGINEER – City of Brooksville (FL)

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City of Brooksville (FL)

is accepting applications for:




POSITION TITLE: Driver Engineer

DEPARTMENT: Fire Department



POSITION SUMMARY: Performs specialized firefighting work including driving, operating, and maintaining all emergency vehicles, staff vehicles and heavy firefighting apparatus. Protects the lives and property of the residents they serve. Subject to being called in to work during times of natural disasters or other emergencies. Position is supervised by the Captain or designee.



  • Wears Firefighters protective clothing and self contained breathing apparatus
  • Responds to fire alarms, and extinguishes fire.
  • Performs fire suppression at wildland fires, vehicle fires and other outside fires.
  • Drives & operates automotive fire apparatus to fire scenes and other emergency scenes as well as during routine daily activities.
  • Positions apparatus on emergency incidents to insure operational efficiency and safety of responding personnel. Operates the pump of fire apparatus to provide water to the fire scene for supplying hose lines to extinguish fires. Also pumps water to other apparatus on the fire scene when designated as water supply unit
  • Enters hazardous atmospheres in single family dwellings, commercial occupancies, industrial sites or scenes of motor vehicle accidents and hazardous materials incidents to provide medical care, or search for and remove victims to safety.
  • Performs all additional jobs necessary that are associated with firefighting and emergency medical care, including but not limited to forcible entry, basic life support, vehicle extrication, salvage, overhaul, ventilation, raising ground ladders, and hazardous materials mitigation
  • Performs in inspecting equipment and apparatus and notifies Company Officer of any defects.
  • Performs minor repairs to equipment and apparatus, performs routine preventative maintenance, tasks, and keep records of such action. Assists in maintaining the station, grounds, and other property used by the department or owned by the City.
  • Completes Incidents Reports using the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS).
  •  Works special details related to fire prevention, public education, fire suppression or other related areas when assigned.
  • Participates in training to maintain certification levels and attends training programs as required to maintain proficiency.
  • Works safely diligently and responsible at completing assigned duties.
  • Supervises station personnel in the absence of Fire Captain
  • Performs and executes training under the direction of the Company Officer.


JOB STANDARDS: Formal Education: High school graduate or equivalent. Experience: Two years of experience in fire suppression and emergency medical services. Licenses & Certifications:

  • Valid Florida Drivers License, must be insurable to the City’s insurance carrier
  • Florida State Certified Minimum Standards Certification (Firefighter II)
  • Florida State Certified Emergency Medical Technician
  • Florida State Certified Pump Operator
  • Florida State Aerial Apparatus Operations Class
  • Florida State Certified Fire Officer I


CRITICAL SKILLS, ABILITIES & EXPERTISE: Physical Requirements: Use of fingers, arms, hands, and legs. Good eyesight (correctable) are essential. Walking, standing, kneeling, bending, balancing, stooping, driving of standard vehicle, light lifting and/ or carrying of (up to 60lbs) are constant. Climbing, straight pulling, hand over hand, pushing, crawling/,heavy lifting/ carrying (60lbs and over) are frequent. Equipment: Telephone/ radio, vehicle and vehicle specialized equipment, firefighters protective clothing, fire hose nozzles and equipment, self contained breathing apparatus. Use of computers to prepare reports and documents is constant.

Skills & Expertise: Knowledge of geographic area and roads/ highways in the City of Brooksville and Hernando County. Knowledge of federal, state, and local traffic/highway laws and regulations. Knowledge of general vehicle safety and driving practices. Ability to work in all weather conditions. Skills in completing work with a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail. Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing. Ability to establish effective working relationships with people including coworkers, clients and supervisors. Ability to use and operate a telephone/radio. Ability to function well in stressful situations. Ability to communicate orally and in writing with other members of the department. Ability to understand and follow directions in English sufficiently to successfully perform required duties. Ability to understand and carry out verbal orders. Ability to live and work as a team with other members and staff of the department and the City of Brooksville. Ability to work in confined spaces, Ability to drive and operate any and all apparatus used by the department after required training is met. This includes but is not limited to Squads, Staff Vehicles, Pumpers, Aerials and some apparatus that may have manual transmissions. Interacts, cooperates with and coordinates service with coworkers and other Department staff, at the direction of supervisor or Standard Operating Procedures. Follows Standard Operating Procedures and Emergency Operating Guidelines used by the Department. Ability to endure extreme temperatures (hot and cold) for extended periods of time. Ability to ascend and descend ground ladders that reach lengths of 35’ or higher as well as the ability to ascend and descend aerial ladders that reach heights of 70’ or higher. Ability to remove victims trapped by fire or other emergency to a safe atmosphere. Knowledge of vehicle extrication. Ability to perform firefighting tasks and utilize equipment carried on fire apparatus. Ability to utilize protective equipment to include self contained breathing apparatus. Willingness and ability to exercise sound judgment, and perform at an acceptable level of efficiency and productivity. Ability to work independently. Ability to perform assigned duties timely and effectively while working carefully and complying with safety rules. Ability to maintain satisfactory attendance records. Actively support the Department’s Standard Operating Procedures and Emergency Operating Guidelines and the City’s goals, programs, and objectives and comply with the City’s regulations and procedures. Ability to maintain an acceptable work schedule and attendance record. Ability to maintain an acceptable driving record and must be insurable by the City’s insurance carrier. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS: Job Location: Primary location is within the City of Brooksville, but could expand outside that area in times of natural or man- made disasters. Work Environment: Working alone and with others is constant. Work in heat, cold, dust, wet conditions, or under stressful emergency situations are frequent. Extreme noise in confined space and hazardous conditions are frequent. NON-ESSENTIAL/SECONDARY FUNCTIONS:

  • Performs any additional duties as directed by the supervisor, Fire Chief, or the City of Brooksville management staff.


Reasonable accommodation will be made for otherwise qualified individuals with a disability.


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