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County of Santa Barbara (CA) FIREFIGHTER EMT Lateral Transfer

County of Santa Barbara (CA) is accepting applications for FIREFIGHTER/EMT LATERAL TRANSFER Until Aug. 22, 2016 Salary $66,391.29 – $81,042.87 Annually Do you want to be a firefighter? We can help. FREE ACCESS to 3,400+ fire depts. looking to hire Firefighters.



Firefighter EMT Lateral Transfer
An Equal Opportunity Employer
$2,553.51 – $3,117.03 Biweekly    $66,391.29 – $81,042.87 Annually

OPENING DATE: 06/30/16

CLOSING DATE: 08/22/16


BEFORE YOU APPLY, PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION ON THIS JOB BULLETIN.*This recruitment is only open to California EMT-1s currently employed as a Firefighter with other public agencies within the State of California.*
$2,553 – $3,117 (plus applicable allowances as listed in MOU, please see benefits tab)Our Department:
Since 1926, the Santa Barbara County Fire Department has served and safeguarded the community from the impacts of fire, medical emergencies, environmental emergencies, and natural disasters through leadership, planning, education, prevention, code enforcement, and all-hazard emergency response. The Santa Barbara County Fire Department has a rich tradition and commitment to service excellence; we are well equipped, well trained, and experienced. We have excellent working relationships with other State fire agencies and maintain a reputation as leaders in the region. We have 258 employees, an annual operating budget of $66 million, and a capital budget of $1.2 million. Services are provided through 16 fire stations, air operations, heavy equipment, and three offices located throughout Santa Barbara County. We serve the cities of Buellton, Goleta, and Solvang, private lands, and County unincorporated areas. To learn more about our department, please visit: Great Place to Work, Live, and Play:
The County of Santa Barbara occupies 2,774 square miles of land, one-third of which is the Los Padres National Forest, and houses approximately 415,000 residents. The County has eight cities, substantial open space preserves, and four major urban areas – Santa Barbara Coast, Santa Ynez Valley, Santa Maria Valley, and Lompoc Valley. We have a strong economic base in technology, agriculture, and an expanding vineyard industry that produces some of the world’s finest wines. With its clean air, open space, and mild coastal climate, residents take advantage of limitless year-round recreation options such as golf, biking, boating, surfing, hiking, fishing, and much more. The Community has a variety of colleges, universities and professional trade schools, and an excellent public school system.


  1. Lateral transfers will be required to attend a modified Firefighter Recruit Academy to learn Santa Barbara County Fire operations protocols. The academy will be approximately 8-weeks in duration and will cover topics such as wildland firefighting, hose lays, breathing apparatus, ladder evolutions and knots.
  2. Responds to fires; makes forced entries into grounds or buildings by climbing walls or fences; cuts locks, chains, hasps, and bolts to gain entry to locked areas; breaks or cuts doors, windows, walls or roofs using hand and power tools; and cuts or pries open vehicles, machinery or collapsed building material to reach fire or to free trapped victims.
  3. Assesses potential effect of weather, wind, and humidity at fire scene; assesses the smell and color of smoke to ascertain materials burning; locates and operates controls to shut off or control utilities; receives and follows orders from officer at fire scene; quickly and thoroughly examines all areas including supporting surfaces to judge their stability; and observes progress of fire to anticipate conditions requiring change of firefighting tactics.
  4. Carries or drags charged or empty hose lines to fire scene, around obstacles, or up ladders; inspects charged hose lines and removes kinks, takes up slack and tightens leaking couplings; selects and operates appropriate class of fire extinguisher; hoists hose sections and other equipment; selects appropriate ladder; uses hose strap to secure ladder to building; ascends and descends aerial ladder; hoists or lowers tools and equipment from top; and climbs, works from, and descends ladders carrying people or equipment and using appropriate safety equipment or procedures.
  5. Determines appropriate place to cut ventilation hole at structural fire; and creates ventilation by opening or forcing doors and windows, and by cutting or breaking walls and roof using chain saws and axes with a minimum and necessary force.
  6. Notifies occupants to vacate premises and determines safest evacuation route; stabilizes the surrounding area by controlling traffic and crowds; calms emotionally distressed or distraught victims, relatives, and friends, and provides assistance to displaced or evacuated persons.
  7. Protects Fire Department and civilian property from damage by cutting or boring holes in ceiling or walls, and by removing water from areas; observes bystanders to protect salvaged property from theft; removes fire debris; and locates, identifies, and retrieves fire equipment and apparatus used.
  8. Performs rescue operations by moving and carrying heavy objects, equipment or materials, or by cutting or prying open vehicles to gain access to or to free trapped victims or bodies; carries or assists conscious, unconscious, or deceased victims down ladder or stairs; climbs or crawls through confined spaces; responds to mass casualty incidents such as air disasters; and performs rescues from hazardous chemical or gaseous areas.
  9. Extinguishes grass fires with various hand tools; constructs fire lines in brush or wooded areas; chops brush and ground cover for extended periods of time, using hand tools to clear land or create a fire break in terrain unsuitable for equipment; transports wildland firefighting equipment and victims up and down steep slopes.
  10. Responds to medical emergency calls by treating a range of injuries at scene using EMT techniques; administers closed chest cardiac compression to victims of heart failure; checks pulse and respiration of victims to determine whether circulation and respiration are functional; determines priorities for treatment; operates various medical equipment; determines when a victim should be moved; moves victim from scene to ambulance; reads labels on medication containers and medical supplies and selects correct product based on the specific situation.
  11. Inspects commercial heating, cooling, ventilating, and electrical systems, standpipe and sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and pre-connected fire hoses, fire escapes and stairways, fire detection and alarm systems; conducts hazardous and flammable material storage inspections, and recommends corrections for unsafe conditions or practices; inspects fire exits to ensure appropriate markings and proper operation; inspects large public assemblies to detect fire safety hazards; completes inspection reports; inspects hydrants for damage and tests them for proper functioning; makes on-site visits to facilities to become familiar with specific hazards; explains and demonstrates fire prevention methods and common fire hazards.
  12. Interacts with other staff to obtain information regarding previous shifts activities and changes in equipment status; maintains cordial relationships with other members of shift under conditions of monotony and of extreme stress; maintains, inspects, and inventories equipment; cleans assigned area of fire station and assists other firefighters by dusting, washing, mopping, and waxing; straightens up own quarters including changing linens and making own bed; places firefighting clothes and equipment in readiness; participates in a program to maintain and improve physical strength and endurance; reports and prepares for duty on time; maintains proper attire; displays colors; sleeps in fire station during shift; answers telephone and gives information to callers; conducts station tours and rides-along, and demonstrates and explains fire equipment; and presents fire education programs; completes time sheet.
  13. Attends fire-related courses, seminars, conferences, and other non-departmental training; attends departmental training sessions in station; listens to and participates in discussions and demonstrations; attends EMT training courses; studies comprehends firefighting training materials; keeps up-to-date on pertinent information related to firefighting; studies maps and diagrams of direct routes, locations of streets, water mains, and hydrants in station area; observes, participates in, and repeats station drills and training programs.
  14. Under supervision, suppresses structural and wildland fires, responds to medical emergencies and hazardous conditions situations and other types of emergency and public service incidents; performs fire safety inspections; and performs related duties as required.
  15. Recognizes and preserves evidence of arson; observes spectators at fire scenes to detect suspicious behavior; and during investigation guards premises where arson is suspected.


Thank you for your interest in employment with the County of Santa Barbara as a lateral transfer from another California public agency. Please note: Federal and private agencies do not qualify as a lateral transfer. In addition, at-will and limited term do not qualify as a lateral transfer.
To be eligible to laterally transfer from your agency to the County of Santa Barbara, you must have held permanent or probationary status in the classified service of a California public agency operating a personnel merit system; and, meet the following criteria (per the Civil Service Rule 713):
  1. The Santa Barbara County job into which you are seeking to transfer (Firefighter/EMT) possesses essentially the same or lesser minimum qualifications as the job class in which you held permanent or probationary status in your current/previous agency, and
  2. You have been employed by the other agency within one year of the date the lateral transfer is approved, and,
  3. You achieved permanent or probationary status with your current/previous agency as the result of a qualifying or competitive examination, and
  4. You have performed satisfactorily and have not been separated nor are you being considered for separation because of misconduct or poor performance, and
  5. Your current/previous agency submits information to Santa Barbara County which confirms that the required conditions have been met and that you are eligible for reemployment or continued employment in the class in which permanent or probationary status is held.If a department head appoints an eligible who has qualified by transferring from another jurisdiction, the employee shall serve the required probationary period before attaining permanent status.

We are looking to fill vacancies in “All Locations” across the County of Santa Barbara. Separate lists for different locations will not be established. Therefore, applicants must check “All Locations” on the application and be willing to accept assignment at any location.

Lateral Transfer:
This recruitment is ONLY for lateral transfers from other California public agencies. Please re-read the information above for complete requirements.
In order to determine you also meet the employment standards you must have the following qualifications.
Education: High School Diploma or General Education Diploma; ANDPossession of a current California State Fire Marshal Fire Fighter I Certificate OR graduation from a California State Fire Marshal Accredited Fire Academy; or, a combination of training, education and experience that is equivalent to the employment standard listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities.
Certificate: Current Emergency Medical Technician I (EMT-1) Certificate issued within the State of California
Additional Qualifications:
· Possession of a valid Class “C” California Driver’s License at the time of appointment. California Firefighter Endorsement Driver’s License is required within one year of appointment.
· Refrain from use of tobacco products in any form on or off duty. Applicants hired after December 26, 1988 shall be disqualified from further employment consideration if they use tobacco products in any form on or off duty.
Knowledge: basic grammar; and basic math.Ability to: learn firefighting methods, fire vehicle apparatus and equipment operation and maintenance, emergency medical procedures, and rescue operations; understand and apply technical information regarding hazardous chemicals and gases, and fire prevention rules and regulations; learn to analyze fire and emergency situations quickly and accurately and take appropriate action; learn local geography, roads and water supply systems; learn and follow departmental rules, regulations and policies; understand and follow oral and written directions especially during emergencies; speak clearly and audibly; apply basic mechanical principles such as leverage, force, acceleration, and friction; establish and maintain effective working relationships: with superiors and co-workers; prepare simple reports; maintain good physical condition; and operate an automobile.Desirable Qualifications:
Knowledge of:
 emergency medical treatment; first aid techniques and equipment; use and maintenance of protective breathing equipment; basic chemistry of combustion and characteristics of fire; rescue operations; tactics and strategy of fire suppression; fire behavior; and tool selection and use according to job.Ability to: operate resuscitation equipment; operate protective breathing equipment; recognize hazardous material situations; use of hand tools such as axes and saws; and operate power tools.

Possession of a valid California Emergency Medical Technician  (EMT-1) License is required. As a condition of continued employment, incumbents must maintain a current California EMT-1 license.


Position requires a willingness to work in unpleasant, hazardous, and stressful conditions; continue to learn new materials, concepts, and techniques; perform undesirable, routine, or monotonous duties; work irregular hours; wear protective clothing and equipment; complete training programs successfully; work effectively in confined areas, sometimes with equipment; and tolerate offensive sights and smells. Good physical conditioning must be maintained to meet the physical demands of the position. Position requires the ability to bend, stoop, crawl; climb up, on, and over objects; use tools and equipment at heights; work on uneven surfaces; and be able to lift, drag, hoist, and carry different types of fire equipment and other objects. Position requires the ability to see clearly at distances of 21 to 50 feet with or without corrective lenses and be able to recognize and tell the difference between primary colors. Position requires a sense of smell and the ability to hear normally without hearing aids.


If after reviewing all of the information above you believe you meet the employment standards, please complete the following steps.
1.     Click on the Apply link at the top of the screen and complete the online application and supplemental questionnaire. Your application must be fully completed to be considered. A resume is not required. You are REQUIRED to attach your current California EMT-1 license to your application.
2.     Print the Authorization for Release of Personnel Information Form and Lateral Transfer Information Request by clicking here. (You will need Acrobat Reader to access the authorization form; Acrobat can be downloaded for free by clicking here ). You must complete the entire Authorization for Release of Personnel Information Form, the Lateral Transfer Information Request must be entirely completed by your agency Human Resources. We WILL NOT accept electronically signed forms.
3.     Send the completed forms to your Authorized Public Agency operating in a personnel merit system in the State of California to complete the requested information and send the authorization forms AND Job Description to the Fire Department within 14 business days of submitting your application. Forms must be sent directly from your agency Human Resources to us using one of the methods below:
Mail:    Santa Barbara County Fire Department
Attn: Human Resources
4410 Cathedral Oaks Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93110
Fax: (805) 681-5540Receipt of these documents along with the submitted online application will then be reviewed for Employment Standards. You will be notified by e-mail when we have received your application and required documents from your agency.Due to the volume of applications we receive, not all candidates who meet the minimum qualifications will be invited to continue in the hiring process. Thank you for your interest in our department.
If you have questions related to lateral transfers for Santa Barbara County Fire, please call (805) 681-5500.The County of Santa Barbara respects and values a diverse workforce and strongly promotes strategies and activities to recruit, develop and retain qualified persons of varied backgrounds, lifestyles, experiences and races.
1226 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
EXAM #LT-3576-02 (O)
Firefighter EMT Lateral Transfer Supplemental Questionnaire
* 1. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility as an applicant to provide sufficient information on my application to demonstrate that my education and experience meets the employment standards (minimum qualifications) for this position as detailed in the job bulletin. I further acknowledge that if the County determines that I do not meet the employment standards there will be no opportunity for me to provide additional information regarding my application after the closing date listed on the job bulletin. Therefore, I understand that before submitting a job application, it is important that I review the job bulletin thoroughly and ensure that my application clearly reflects how my education and experience meets the employment standards at the time I submit my application.
Checkbox I understand
* 2. The Human Resources Department communicates with All Applicants through e-mail. Please make sure your email address is entered correctly and it is current. If you feel you are not receiving your emails, please check your spam or junk inbox for our emails.
Checkbox I understand
* 3. I understand the ability to read and follow instructions is an important attribute of a Firefighter with Santa Barbara County Fire. Therefore, I certify I have thoroughly read the minimum requirements stated in this job bulletin and I meet the stated minimum requirements (if unsure, please go back and re-read the requirements before continuing).
Checkbox Yes
Checkbox No
* 4. As required, I have attached my current California EMT-1 License to my application.*** If no, please go back and attach before you submit your application. You will be unable to attach after you submit your application.***
Checkbox My California EMT License is Attached
Checkbox I do not have a current California EMT License
* 5. The position requires you possess a current California State Fire Marshal Fire Fighter I Certificate or graduation from a California State Fire Marshal Accredited Fire Academy or a combination of training, education and experience that is equivalent and provides the required knowledge and abilities. How do you meet this requirement?
Checkbox California State Fire Marshal Fire Fighter I Certificate
Checkbox Graduated from a California State Fire Marshal Accredited Fire Academy
Checkbox I have a combination of training, education and experience that is equivalent to the employment standard listed and that provides the required knowledge and abilities.
Checkbox I do not meet this requirement
* 6. I understand I must be willing to work at any Fire Department locations throughout the County of Santa Barbara.
Checkbox Yes
Checkbox No
* 7. Do you have a High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (GED)?
Checkbox Yes
Checkbox No
* 8. I am a regular employee (or was a regular employee within 1 year of today) of another public agency operating a personnel merit system in the State of California as a Firefighter/EMT.
Checkbox Yes
Checkbox No
* 9. Have you held permanent or probationary status with your current/previous agency?
Checkbox Yes
Checkbox No
* 10. Were you last employed by your current/previous agency within one year of today in good standing?
Checkbox Yes
Checkbox No
* 11. Were you separated/terminated from your current/previous agency or are you being considered for separation/termination because of misconduct or poor performance?
Checkbox Yes
Checkbox No
* 12. Do you understand that your current/previous agency submits information to Santa Barbara County which confirms that the required conditions have been met and that you are eligible for reemployment or continued employment in the class in which permanent or probationary status is held?
Checkbox Yes
Checkbox No
* 13. I understand that I am required to print and complete an Authorization for Release of Personnel Information Form and Lateral Transfer Information Request, complete my required information, give it to my agency Human Resources to complete and then submit it WITHIN 14 BUSINESS DAYS along with job descriptions for all positions listed on the form to: Mail: Santa Barbara County Fire Department, Attn: Human Resources, 4410 Cathedral Oaks Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93110, Fax: (805) 681-5540, E-mail:
Checkbox I Understand
* Required Question
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