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City of Appleton (WI) is accepting apps for BATTALION CHIEF – TRAINING OFFICER.  Until October 23, 2016.  Salary $31.73 – $47.59 Hourly  For details about this career and over 3,500 other fire departments looking to hire firefighters Join today…  Fill out your PROFILE and get access to thousands of career firefighter recruitment’s across the Country.  FREE 7 Day Pass


City of Appleton (WI)

is accepting applications for:


Battalion Chief – Training Officer

$31.73 – $47.59 Hourly
Appleton, WI 
Job Type
Job Number
10/23/2016 11:59 PM Central
Job Description
This is a management position responsible for coordinating, scheduling and conducting training in the elements of fire fighting, hazardous material mitigation, rescue, emergency medical services and supervision. This position participates in the formulation, determination and implementation of management policy and possesses effective authority to commit Fire Department resources. The work involves researching and developing fire training programs, conducting in house training programs, coordinating training programs and activities, assisting in the development of fire suppression and emergency medical services standard operating procedures and managing the department health and wellness program. The incumbent works under the general supervision of the Deputy Chief and the Fire Chief.

Examples of Duties

• Responds to emergency operations to function as a Safety Officer, monitors the scene for unsafe conditions and modifies or stops operations if an imminent hazard exists.
• Evaluates the Departments training needs through discussions with the Chief Officers, interviews of Company Officers, surveys of Operations personnel, reviews of Accidents Reports and Industry Standards, and observation of performance on the fire ground and in training.
• Manages the departments health and wellness program including; fitness team, peer fitness coordinators, and annual NFPA medical evaluations.
• Prepares and administers the department Training budget based on a needs assessment.
• Prepares and administers the department Emergency medical services budget based on a needs assessment.
• Coordinates daily and weekly training program activities with other program managers and shift commanders.
• Plans training sessions including providing necessary instructional aids including apparatus, facilities, tools and equipment, curriculum and the required instructors.
• Instructs classes to department personnel on topics varying from recruit orientation, safety and fire chemistry to apparatus operations, emergency medical services, supervisory skills and fire group management.
• Evaluates feedback, reviews products and methods and takes appropriate action on fire science and research.
• Plans the design and manages the use of various fire service simulators.
• Works with Battalion Chiefs in planning and directing the activities and training of the fire companies.
• Participates in professional development including attending national training and conferences, local seminars, state certification programs, etc.
• Attends staff meetings and shift meetings.
• Coordinates department safety committee.
• Serves as liaison to department related activities such as outside training committees and Central Safety Committee.
• Conducts live burn training at local community burn facility.
• Functions as a Line Battalion Chief as needed.
• Coordinates the departments hiring and company officer promotional processes.
• Prepares and administers disciplinary procedures as per City policy and labor agreement.
• Provides recommendations and input on personnel issues including disciplinary actions such as suspension and discharge.
• Maintains regular punctual and predictable attendance, works overtime and extra hours as required.


• Conducts performance reviews of subordinates as required.
• Trains other City employees in fire safety procedures and products.
• Writes reports concerning probationary personnel as required by the Fire Chief and the Deputy Chief.
• Inspects stations, personnel, apparatus and equipment for fitness and proper condition.
• Recommends changes to policies and Standard Operating Procedures as may be necessary to ensure safe and smooth operation of the Department.
• Substitutes for Deputy Chief as assigned in his or her absence.
• Performs various clerical functions including typing, computer entry and communicating to the public.
• Maintain stations’ libraries.
• Performs emergency first aid and/or CPR to fire and/or other emergency victims.

Typical Qualifications
Applicants must posses a Bachelor’s degree in Fire Science or related field, at least five years fire fighting, fire suppression, supervision, training, operations, and management experience, or any combination of education, experience, and training which provides the skills and abilities described in the job description and be capable of performing all essential functions of the position.

•  Ability to obtain and maintain Wisconsin Certified Fire Fighter II, Fire Officer and Fire Inspector I.
• Considerable knowledge of state of the art fire fighting methods.
• Thorough knowledge of policies, rules and regulations of SOP’s of the Department and the City.
• Knowledge of fire prevention methods, laws and ordinances.
• Thorough knowledge and understanding of departmental and City safety policies, practices and procedures.
• Thorough knowledge of rescue and first aid methods.
• Ability to analyze the department’s fire fighting capabilities and develop training to improve its effectiveness.
• Ability to plan, organize, and direct personnel in training functions.
• Ability to conduct training sessions and use audio visual equipment and simulator.
• Ability to prepare and present budget for review.
• Ability to work with limited supervision.
• Ability to maintain accurate records and use the computer.
• Ability to recognize situations that need action and to take appropriate action as necessary.
• Knowledge and ability to use Advanced First Aid and CPR.
• Ability to obtain and maintain certification as a State of Wisconsin Emergency Medical Responder.
• Ability to resolve conflict at lowest level.
• Skill and ability in fire suppression techniques.
• Ability to obtain and maintain minimum certification as Fire Instructor 1.
• Possess and maintain a valid Wisconsin driver’s license.

Supplemental Information
Staff Development (mentoring)
Problem Solving
Adaptability/FlexibilityTo learn more about these competencies click here

City of Appleton
100 North Appleton StreetAppleton, Wisconsin, 54911-4799.



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