Michael Trandell

Dear Staff at Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I am writing you today to thank you for helping me obtain a position in the fire service. Your company made it a lot easier to find positions available; which left more time to fill out applications and prepare for the many tests I have taken. In my search for employment, I have used other web sites but found yours to be the best. No other company listed as many job openings or kept … Read the rest

Ray Flores

Thank you Perfect Firefighter Candidate for being an excellent resource for testing information. Everybody who I knew who was trying to get a job in the Fire Service had a Perfect Firefighter Candidate subscription and we would keep in touch on a weekly basis and make the test taking process a group thing. I have definitely benefited from using your service and I encourage all of the people who come to the station who want to become Firefighters to get … Read the rest

Tobey Stevenson

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I want to send out a big thanks to the PFC staff for providing a superb service. Your staff provided me timely information that has given me the ability to realize my dreams. Your site helped me land the best job there is at the best department in Western Washington. I was hired by the Bellingham Fire Department nearly a year ago.

Every morning and evening I would look forward to checking my email to see … Read the rest

Shane Shifflett

To Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

This letter of thanks is for the service to which you have provided me for the last two years in my pursuit of a fire service career.

The information enabled me to test in many different cities, counties, and states broadening my jobs horizons from coast to coast. I just recently took this firefighter position from over 2000 miles from home in Pennsylvania to New Mexico. I just love it here out west working for White … Read the rest

Ronnie King

Dear Firecareers.com,

My name is Ronnie King and I want to start off by saying that your web site is the best place for anyone looking for a career in the Fire Service. I was recently employed with a Fire Department in the state of Florida for 5 1/2 years. Through my time as an Engineer/EMT I had become unhappy in the department and needed a change into a department that was a lot more progressive. With my recent marriage … Read the rest

Glen Ewart

Dear P.F.C.,

Just wanted to thank you for helping me achieve my goal of becoming a Firefighter/Paramedic. Without your service I would have been scrambling to find who’s testing and when. Having this info lead me to Hermosa Beach where I have been hired and am loving every minute.

Thanks again,

Glen Ewart Firefighter/Paramedic Hermosa Beach Fire Department… Read the rest

Dana Potter

Dear Craig and Pam Freeman:

I would like to take this moment to thank you and your wonderful staff. I recently completed my probationary period as a Firefighter/EMT at T. F. Green Airport Fire Department in Rhode Island. I just couldn’t be happier. I had signed up for your services approximately 2 years ago and have been taking entrance exams, interviews, etc., since then. I had also attained National Certification in Firefighter I/II and also earned by EMT-Basic certification within … Read the rest

Matthew Powers

To all of the folks at PFC:

I’m not sure if all of the past, present, and future PFC subscribers have a realistic grasp on all of the hard work that you do on behalf of your subscribers. For a monthly cost roughly equivalent to 2 visits to Starbucks, you all do the footwork and information gathering previously done by overworked firefighter hopefuls.

I know that I couldn’t have gotten where I am today without your help. I have just … Read the rest

Greg Gilbert

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate:

I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to the staff at Perfect Firefighter Candidate for offering an outstanding service. Your service offers the most comprehensive listing of positions within the fire service. It’s easy to see exactly what the qualifications are, application dates, etc. I’ve recommended Perfect Firefighter Candidate several times to individuals wanting to pursue a career in the fire service. I was hired as a firefighter with Loveland Fire and Rescue … Read the rest

Bryan Sorenson

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I want to thank you for the invaluable service you provided to me and my family in supplying me with the necessary information on who was testing for the position of firefighter. This information enabled me to realize my dream much sooner then would have been possible going with the conventional route (Interest cards, Phone calls, and endless wondering if the agency was ever going to test for a firefighter position). The large amount of time … Read the rest

Robert L. Gill

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I would like to offer my thanks to you and your staff on the offering of the best service for fire-related career postings. Always looking for job postings wherever they could be found, I elected to respond to one of your ads that appeared in one of the trade magazines when I began to seriously search for a chief officer position.

I also checked a couple of your competitors out before and discovered that none of … Read the rest

Ted Duarte

Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I would like to thank the great people at Perfect Firefighter Candidate for providing the service I needed to land the Perfect Firefighter Job. In June of 2001, I was hired on with the Union City Fire Department and I cannot begin to tell you how stoked I am to be with this department.

When I decided to leave the Air Force Fire Service in search of a city fire department job, FireCareers.com was a great asset … Read the rest

Richard Gonzalez

Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I would like to thank everyone at Perfect Firefighter Candidate for allowing me to follow my dreams. You have helped me in my search for cities that are in need of Firefighters. FireCareers.com has opened many doors for me and has helped me deal with any rejection that came my way. I have learned that becoming a firefighter is not a job that can be handed down with no problems or with no tests.

I have been … Read the rest

Regis C. Nebel III

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate:

My name is Regis Nebel and I am 24 years old, in fact I was hired 11 days after my 24th birthday and entered into the fire service with the Victorville Fire Department. I obtained my Associate degree in Fire Technology in the Fall of 2000. I dedicated my life to becoming a member of the best career choice in the world and thank God each and every day for this achievement.

I subscribed to P.F.C. … Read the rest

Dave Carr

Dear PFC,

I hope my testimonial will boost those who have sagging hopes for attaining this career. I rode the testing “circuit” for more than six years. I was working on my college education, working a part-time position as a Reserve Firefighter and getting all the certs that I could. I got good scores on my exams and orals but for some reason I just could not get a job offer. I continued to practice my oral board skills and … Read the rest

Michael K. Skidmore Jr.

Ever since late 1992, I have searched for fire jobs so I could do the job that I love the most. I never realized how hard it was going to be. Well, I am here to tell you that once I signed up with Firecareers.com, I could not believe how many opportunities there were. Everyday I would get a new posting to a new job. In December of 1999, I received my call to duty. Montgomery County Divisions of Fire/Rescue … Read the rest

Sergio Martinez

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

My lifelong dream of becoming a Firefighter with the City of Oxnard is now a reality.

The mailers and information provided to me from your website has allowed me to stay on top of the latest testing of fire departments around the country. Study guides and materials were always in stock when needed – and believe me, I needed it.

I am grateful to have found an organization with guidance down the correct path to prepare … Read the rest

Jason Bean

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

After six years of working as a paid-on-call firefighter, I wanted to take the next step and begin a career in the fire service. With persistence, patience, and helpful information from Perfect Firefighter Candidate I took that step, and I am excited to tell you that I have been hired by the Dallas Fire Department. The daily updates and detailed information made the entire process from application to interview a lot less stressful. Thank you Perfect … Read the rest

Norman Salas

Here I am living my dream. It all started 1 year ago after I graduated from the fire academy…..the endless search to find the perfect job. Alot of my fellow recruits were searching for jobs the old fashioned way. Furthermore, I didn’t see alot of them preparing for the grueling tests they would encounter in the future. I wanted an edge, I wanted to make myself shine and present myself as the perfect firefighter candidate.

I subscribed to FireCareers.com and … Read the rest

Christen Heinrich

Dear Craig and Pam,

Thanks to the service you provide to those interested in pursuing a career as a Firefighter, Christen Heinrich is now employed as a Firefighter/Paramedic with the city of Oakland, California.

Christen graduated from the academy in the first class of firefighters to include paramedics, on December 17, 1999 and has successfully completed the first 6 months of his 12-month probation.

Since he resided in the Los Angeles area, had it not been for your help, he … Read the rest

Mark Hardeman

Dear P.F.C.:

My name is Mark Hardeman and I was recently accepted into the San Francisco Fire Department. I received my Fire Science Degree in 1979, (that’s not a misprint.) being a forth generation San Franciscan I never tested outside of the city until 1995.

Subscribing to Perfect Firefighter Candidate made testing up and down California a breeze. Not to say it was easy to get hired, but it made it convenient to find out where and when the testing … Read the rest

Matthew Emerson

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I am writing to personally thank you for the service you provide for those seeking a position in fire service. I have pursued the fire service since I was 15 years old, obtaining an Associates Degree in Fire Protection Technology, attending the Fire Academy in New York State and obtaining certification as an EMT. However, that was only part of the task to secure a position as a firefighter.

Without FIRECAREERS.COM, I would not have known … Read the rest

Bradley M. Mullen

Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I wanted to take the time to thank PFC for the valuable, incomparable service you provide. Through your web pages, I was notified of all the tests for California fire departments. PFC was the tool that helped me reach my career goal. I ordered books and CD-ROMs on oral interview techniques to “Essentials” notes. These books and CD-ROMs helped me to place 3rd overall on the written test and ace my oral interview.

PFC made my dream … Read the rest

Chris Mattarollo

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I wanted to let all that use or are thinking of using your service that it truly is a valuable resource. With all the hard work and sacrifice that attaining a professional firefighter career requires, the last thing you need to be doing is searching for hiring departments. PFC allows you time to prepare for the test by not wasting time searching for them. Without this service you must look up department address, send in interest … Read the rest

Rick Reitz

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I would like to offer my appreciation and thanks to you and your staff on the offering of by far the best service for fire-related career postings.

Having always been one to look for job postings wherever they could be found, I decided to respond to one of your ads that appeared in one of the trade journals when I began to seriously search for an advancement position. At the same time, so as not to … Read the rest

Scott Reiman

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

Thank you very much for your support throughout my pursuit of a career in the fire service. The fire service is a very competitive field to break into, and knowing where and when tests are is a key element to obtaining a job. I used your notification service to test with over twenty-five departments all over the western United States. Your timeliness was always appreciated. The notices always gave me ample time to contact the departments … Read the rest

Mark Murphy

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

It has been several months now since San Bernardino County Fire Department hired me and I still can not believe I am here. It took a lot of dedication and education to finally achieve my dream.

I worked for many years as a Paid Call Firefighter and a Paramedic always hoping to combine both of the jobs I love doing. I tested for almost ten years the last two years very diligently. I tested for departments … Read the rest

Dave Pearson & Mo Khazaal

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

We would like to offer our sincere thanks for helping us achieve our goal as career firefighters. Over the past two years, we have been “On-line” getting emails from Perfect Firefighter Candidate of every fire test throughout the country. This enabled both of us to plan ahead and thank every test possible. Even though we met for the very first time in our academy, our stories run parallel. By taking advantage of every test, we noticed … Read the rest

Lance Carsno

To the Crew at Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

Thanks for all the help! My name is Lance Carsno, and I was looking for a job in the fire service. FireCareers helped me by doing all the groundwork so I could concentrate on other things. I am now currently employed with the Austin Fire Department. I recommend to anyone looking for a job to take the full benefit of what these guys offer. FireCareers helps. Thanks Again.

Lance Carsno Station 1, Engine … Read the rest

Rick Griggs

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I am writing this letter to thank you for all of your assistance over the last several years and to inform you that I have recently been hired as a Firefighter/Paramedic by San Diego Federal Fire Department.

Your cards were instrumental in keeping me informed of all of the tests occurring in the area. With your assistance my life long dream of becoming a career firefighter has come true. It took me nearly 10 years of … Read the rest

Andrew Jaeger

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I am writing to thank you for helping me to reach my life long dream of becoming a firefighter. The information from your website helped me to secure a position with the Oshkosh, Wisconsin Fire Department.

By subscribing to your service, I was able to get the updated information that helped me to focus my efforts on a department that was looking for my specific experience and skills, rather than the typical “shotgun approach” of applying … Read the rest

Chris Tschoche

Dear Perfect Firefighter,

For the past five months I have begun a wonderful new career at the Rock Hill Fire Department and owe my success to your service. During the time I subscribed to the website I was able to focus my efforts at departments where I would stand a better chance to be hired on, especially since I had no previous experience. The quick updates allowed me to apply early and prepare for the hiring process. I can’t thank … Read the rest

Craig Johnson

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I was recently hired as a Firefighter/Paramedic in April 1999 with Woodside Fire Protection District in San Mateo County. It took a few years of education, working as a reserve firefighter and testing, but with a little patience it all paid off. Subscribing to your Internet site made testing easy. I remember checking my email daily to see if any California fire departments were looking for firefighter/paramedics. I ended up taking about 12-15 tests and was … Read the rest

Timothy Rugg

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I want to take this time and thank you for the service you provided me. It has been about two years now that I have been using your service to find the best career around. Your service proved to be a valuable tool in many respects, one of the best tools you have is the internet, the web-site gives daily updates and information needed to find and take tests.

I recently was offered and accepted a … Read the rest

Kain Linville

Dear Perfect Firefighter,

I am writing to thank you for the service you provide. I have been using your service for several years now. I relied heavily on Perfect Firefighter to keep me updated on current tests. I would check my mailbox daily anticipating your cards, I only wish I could have used your Internet service to get the daily updates.

January this year I accepted a Firefighter/Paramedic position with the City of Selma. This has been an excellent opportunity … Read the rest

Bob Tanner

Dear Perfect Firefighter,

I would like to thank you for the great service you provide. I have been subscribing to your service for over a year now and it has proved to be a key resource in my pursuit of a fire career. The daily updates and information available on your web-site proved to be invaluable.

Recently I was offered and accepted a firefighter position with Visalia Fire Dept. located in California’s San Joaquin Valley. I don’t think I could … Read the rest

Jim Hannan

Dear Pam, I would like to thank you for providing me with the Perfect Firefighter Candidate system. I’m happy to inform you that your service recently aided me in attaining my goal of becoming a firefighter I was successful in the Portland Fire Bureau’s 1996 open hiring process. Myself and eleven other finalists were sworn in on Sept. 19, 1996 as Portland’s first open enrollment recruit class since 1989. Just recently we completed a very rigorous eight month training program … Read the rest

Steve McGrath

Dear PFC, First, I would like to let you know that I have been a loyal customer for years now and I intend to continue with your service for a long time to come. Your Internet service is incredible.

About this time last year, I received a card in the mail with a list of jobs on it, one of which I was particularly interested in. It was for a student/resident firefighter position in Vail, CO. I figured that not … Read the rest

Jeff Whittet

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

After many years and many tests I am happy to say I have been successful in my search for a career in the fire service. I am now working for The Novato Fire Protection District as a Firefighter/Paramedic. Your tutorial products and test notification services have been an incredible resource for me, and I simply could not have been successful without them. Thanks for all of your help, keep up the good work.

Jeffrey Whittet… Read the rest

Matthew Smotherman

Dear P.F.C.:

My name is Matthew Smotherman and I have been subscribing to P.F.C. for approximately four years.

The information that you provide is always timely, accurate, and helpful. Because of this, I have been able to test for many Fire Departments, obtain helpful information and be well informed of the fire testing practices of many areas.

Last year I applied for the position of Probationary Firefighter with the Bozeman, Montana Fire Department. Needless to say, I would not have … Read the rest

Patrick Brandon

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I am writing to inform you of my recent appointment with the Littleton Fire Department in the Denver-Metro area. I was a subscriber to your service for about a year and that was the “only” way I knew of upcoming tests! So instead of spending time and money on finding cities that were testing, I was able to concentrate on studying for the tests themselves! I don’t know how or why people can test without your … Read the rest

Kevin Caillier

To Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

I am writing you this letter to say THANK YOU for the wonderful service that you provide to people aspiring to enter the Fire Service. It took me three and a half years to secure the job that is the best in the whole world and thanks to you, your service made it by far much easier to know which departments were testing and when. For one of the three and a half years, I was … Read the rest

Michael Bilheimer

Perfect Firefighter Candidate is responsible for more Fire Service Careers than any other comparable service. I had a subscription for many years before finally getting the job that I had always dreamed of. Perfect Firefighter is and always has been the best service that any aspiring Firefighter hopeful could utilize. I relied on Perfect Firefighter Candidate for virtually all of my test information for many years. You appear to have the entire market cornered and continually do a great job!… Read the rest

Eric Taylor

To PFC, After competing for a full-time city job for several years I landed a job with a dream Fire Department after I was informed about the position through PFC. Now I enjoy working in the city and living in a country setting on my days off. I just purchased six acres of land and plan to build a log home in the near future. This was all possible due to PFC being the foundation by getting the information I … Read the rest

Robert Reed

Dear PFC, I wanted to thank you for your service. Thanks to the timely information I received through your company, I was selected for a lateral Firefighter/Paramedic position with the City of Rialto.

If I had not subscribed to PFC, I would not have heard about it, and wouldn’t have had the opportunity to apply. I have subscribed to PFC for a couple of years, and was surprised at the amount of departments testing that I would not have heard … Read the rest

Rob Nelson

Dear PFC,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the opportunities you have given me. If not for you, I would never have heard about the testing in Walla Walla. Thanks to your service I am now very happily employed as a Firefighter/EMT with the City of Walla Walla. Before subscribing to PFC, I sent out letters to Fire Depts. asking for information on when they would be testing. This practice was time consuming, expensive and a … Read the rest

Peter Brummel

Dear Perfect Firefighter Candidate,

My sincere thanks for helping me achieve my goal as a career Firefighter. It has taken me close to three years of continuous testing, lots of close scores as well as those scores that I’d rather not discuss!

By utilizing Perfect Firefighter Candidate, I was able to plan out my strategy and build my test taking capabilities by testing with every jurisdiction I could. Soon I found that my many nights of continuous and boring studying … Read the rest

Torii Lehr

Dear Perfect,

I have been subscribing to your service for approximately four years…. four long years. I am writing to you today to thank you for the information and the help you have given me in my four year search for the right department and the best job in the world.

After what seemed to be an exhaustive pursuit, I have finally been offered a Firefighter position with the Henderson Fire Department in the Las Vegas area. I couldn’t have … Read the rest

Mark Manor

Dear Perfect Firefighter

I heard about your service from a Battalion Chief through the South Bay Fire Academy which I attended. I preferred to work in southwest portion of the United States. Approximately two and one half years after subscribing to Perfect Firefighter, I tested, was hired, and currently employed by the Long Beach Fire Department. I feel that Perfect Firefighter Candidate is the most valuable source of information future Firefighters can have.

Thank you PFC, Mark E. Manor… Read the rest

David Powell

Dear Perfect Firefighter

Thank you for the great service you provided me. Through the cards you sent me I was able to test with every Fire Department that had positions available in California, Oregon and Washington. Thanks to your help I was able to get hired by the Seattle Fire Department. Every chance I get I refer people to you. Keep up the great work.

Sincerely, David Powell… Read the rest