Firefighter Education Requirements & Suggestions

As with most employment opportunities, the higher the education level, the better; particularly in regard to salary and promotions. The same can be applied to the career of a firefighter, mainly due to the fact that most departments require certain certifications and credentials, such as the emergency medical technician (EMT), and at the very least a high diploma or GED. On top of that, having a college degree will increase a fire fighter hopeful’s chances of obtaining employment in this … Read the rest

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The best ways to become a fireman

Thanks to all the unfiltered information available via the Internet, it can be difficult to recognize the best ways to become a fireman.

That’s where Fire Careers comes in. We offer expert, fully-vetted advice and guidance on how to secure your dream career.

How to become a fireman

There are numerous ways your can boost your opportunities to become a fireman. A bachelor’s degree is typically looked upon highly, as is earning your EMT license. Volunteer experience is … Read the rest

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How to become a fireman

Fire Careers first launched our fire recruitment service 30 years ago. Since then, we’ve assisted people at all levels within the first industry, as well as educating novices on how to become a fireman.

Whether you’re on the hunt for your next promotion, or looking for an entry-level role to get your foot in the door, Fire Careers has the inside track on opportunities throughout the United States.

We assist our members by notifying them the second a suitable job … Read the rest

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How to become a firefighter

Whether you’re already a member of the fire service, or dream of getting your foot in the door in this important industry, Fire Careers recruitment service can help.

Thanks to our industry contacts, we post all opportunities to become a firefighter throughout the United States. As soon as a job is publicized, our members will know about it; we notify them via email, text message or Facebook.

Fire Careers will help you become a firefighter

Individuals who subscribe to Fire … Read the rest

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Firefighter careers – things to consider

It isn’t easy to become a firefighter. Even after you have become qualified, competition for jobs is fierce and nothing is guaranteed.

If you’re thinking about firefighter careers, here are a few things to consider:

The unique challenges of firefighter careers

Candidates looking into firefighter careers have to weigh up several factors that people in other jobs do not. For example:


  • Time commitment – becoming a firefighter can take years
  • Education – formal training or a Fire Sciences
  • Read the rest

Capt Craig Freeman

Applying to become a fireman

Applying to become a fireman isn’t like applying for other jobs. The application, for example, is Government-prepared and sent directly to a Content Management System (CMS) that does all the fact-checking. This makes the job of the fire department HR manager a lot easier, as some firefighter jobs will result in hundreds of applications.

This also ensures no bias towards younger candidates with better-looking resumes. These things shouldn’t matter, but sometimes they do.

The effect of your resume on your Read the rest

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A firefighter career can be yours

If you’re looking to begin a firefighter career but don’t know where to start, visit Fire Careers. We can help.

How to get started with a firefighter career

There are lots of great things you can do to increase your chances of getting a job as a firefighter. These include earning a bachelors degree, earning an EMT license, and graduating from a Fire Academy. Volunteer experience is also extremely useful, along with working for the local Department of Forestry. A … Read the rest

When life gives you lemons: Fight Cancer, Boost Immunity, Improve Digestion and More.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and many other wonderful dishes.  But wait! Use the whole lemon.  Yes ! The peel also.  The peel contains 5 to 10 times more of the vitamins and nutrients than just the lemon flesh and juice.

When most people think of lemons, they think of them as a seasoning to add to dishes or beverages, to enhance flavor.  We never really think of consuming the whole lemon.,  Also, we usually just think of … Read the rest

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Firefighter careers at your fingertips

In these tough times, finding a job can be a tall order. In the fire service, or dreaming of putting out flames for a living? Fire Careers can point you in the right direction, posting all the latest and greatest firefighter careers opportunities online.

Benefits of our firefighter careers service

Subscribe to Fire Careers and you’ll get:

  • Instant access to expert advice from fire professionals
  • Membership incentive programs
  • Instant notifications when relevant firefighter careers are posted

Been recently laid off? … Read the rest

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Fire Careers takes the stress out of finding fire fighter employment

If you’re looking for a resource that gives you comprehensive, up-to-date information about fire fighter employment opportunities, visit Fire Careers. The 30-year-old brainchild of husband and wife Craig and Pam Freeman, Fire Careers is well-placed to help individuals in the fire service find the right opportunities, at the right time.

Fire fighter employment options

Whether you’re looking for fire fighter employment in a state, municipal or federal capacity, we can help you find out what positions are available. Not sure Read the rest

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Skills for fire fighter careers

For those seeking fire fighter careers, there are many steps that must be taken along the way. The career requires unique pre-requisites:

  • Candidates must be at least 18 years old, or 21 in certain states
  • Candidates must have a high school diploma or GED
  • A valid driver’s license is required
  • Candidate records must be free from drug use, traffic violations or felonies

These are simply the minimum requirements; there are other skills fire departments may be looking for.

Advanced Read the rest

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Why EMT jobs are a great basis for careers in the fire service

An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) qualification is an essential part of being in the fire service; medical emergencies make up over 80% of the calls fire fighters respond to.

EMT Qualifications: essential for EMT jobs

Studying for an EMT certification has numerous benefits. Even unqualified, you can apply for jobs related to the fire service provided you’ve completed a few months of the course. EMT lasts for a single college semester and successful students can work for fire departments, ambulances, … Read the rest

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Getting into firefighting jobs and the emergency services

The emergency services can be one of the most rewarding careers there is. If you’re looking to make the jump into firefighting, find more information at FireCareers.

Getting ahead in firefighting jobs

Figuring out if firefighting jobs are for you requires careful consideration. First up, weigh up what jobs and departments you’re qualified for; apply for those first. If you’re under-qualified, look into getting the relevant training to boost your chances. Local community colleges offer EMT and science classes, or … Read the rest

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Finding firefighter employment online

There are a number of requirements a candidate must fulfil before being considered for firefighter employment. While each application will be considered on individual merit, there are some essential pre-requisites.


Firefighters are usually over the age of 18 and high school graduates, while a valid license is also a basic requirement. A record free of drug use, traffic violations or felonies is essential.


Other requirements for firefighter employment

There are other, more advanced requirements that can assist … Read the rest

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Get a Helping Hand with Finding Fire Department Employment

These days it can be tricky for even the most experienced candidates to find work, no matter what their industry. Luckily, there is help out there for those people who are struggling to know where to start. In the business of fire fighting and need a new position? You need Fire Careers: the one-stop-shop for fire department employment listings.

Every Type of Fire Department Employment

Fire Careers has access to an extensive catalog of employment agencies. We update our listings … Read the rest

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Take on a New Challenge with Jobs: Firefighter

Can you think of many careers more rewarding than jobs firefighter-style? While you may never have considered the fire service as a calling, if you’re in the market for a new challenge, manning a hose could be the one for you.

In the US, the ranking of a fire fighter is denoted on their helmet. More experienced team members usually wear white helmets, with juniors in red, although colors can vary from region to region. The helmet also features … Read the rest

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Find Your Calling in Life with the Fire Jobs Database

Are you looking for a new career? Do you crave the sort of extreme job satisfaction that comes only with saving lives and putting out fires? You were born to be a fire fighter — start your new career, today, with the online listings at Fire Careers.

How Fire Jobs can Help You

Fire Careers hunts down the best opportunities for those looking for a career in the fire service. Whether you’re new to the game or an experienced hose-master … Read the rest

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Securing your next fire department job

Want access to a comprehensive, timely fire recruitment resource to help you achieve your career goals? Fire Careers is just the ticket. Founded by husband and wife team, Craig and Pam Freeman, three decades ago, we help individuals at all career junctures find the right fire department job.

The perfect fire department job

Whether you have your heart set on a municipal, state, or federal fire department job, we can help you identify roles that will help you move up … Read the rest

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How to find the right firefighter job

Fire Careers offers Americans the most comprehensive online resource for fire service recruitment. Founded over 30 years ago, whatever your career aspirations or professional advancement, we can help you find your dream firefighter job.

Applying for a new firefighter job

Become a member of Fire Careers and you’ll receive:

  • Instant job notifications via email, phone or social media
  • Advice from fire industry professionals
  • Free service for recently laid off firefighters

Sign up to Fire Careers and increase your opportunities … Read the rest

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Fire fighter jobs through Fire Careers

Do you often miss listed fire fighter jobs? Are you forever spotting testing opportunities too late? Fire Careers can ensure it never happens again. Our monthly subscription service will help you achieve your career aspirations, whether you’re after an ambitious new promotion within your existing industry, or an entry-level fire fighting role.

Fire Career’s listed fire fighter jobs

Fire Career first launched 30 years ago thanks to husband and wife duo Craig and Pam Freeman. Today it remains our … Read the rest

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Let Fire Careers find your next fire fighter job

Finding your next fire fighter job can become a full-time role in itself. Career listings are easy to miss if you don’t know where to look, as are testing opportunities.

Fire Careers will aggregate all relevant information on your behalf so that you can focus on achieving your career aspirations. For a low monthly subscription fee we will flag the best opportunities in your region or nationwide, whether you’re hoping to enter the National Fire Department for the first time … Read the rest

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How to be a fireman

Since first opening our doors in 1982, we’ve educated individuals at all stages of their career on how to be a fireman.

Are you eager to enter the National Fire Department? Perhaps you’d like to move up the ranks in your existing department? Fire Careers highlights the latest opportunities nationwide, fine tunes applications, and ensures you’re never the last to know about training days.

Learn how to be a fireman

Founded by husband and wife team, Craig and Pam Freeman, … Read the rest

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Be first in line for fire department jobs

Want to be the first to know about fire department jobs in your area, or even nationwide? Fire Careers can help. For 30 years husband and wife team, Craig and Pam Freeman, has been helping people realize their dreams of both entering and advancing in the firefighting industry.

Subscribe to Fire Careers to receive information about fire department jobs as soon as it’s made available. We review each opportunity for you to highlight the essentials such as salary and required … Read the rest

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Know the Steps to Finding the Perfect Fire Department Job

No Two Alike

When it comes to finding the perfect fire department job, it is important to remember that all departments are different, so being prepared is essential. First, research the exact requirements for the agency you are applying. Once you have determined these requirements, submit your application and start to pre-pair for the testing process.

A typical fire department test may include some of the following components: an application, orientation, written exam, physical test, oral interview, background check, … Read the rest

Capt Craig Freeman

How to Become a Firefighter

Don’t Be a Statistic

To become a firefighter, you need to be strong. Not just physically, but also emotionally and mentally. Competition for jobs is fierce. The physical exam is strenuous and the written exam challenging. Many fail in the process – up to 70%. Those who stick with it go on to have a rewarding career. Before you make the decision to embark on the journey, it is important to know these five steps to becoming a firefighter.… Read the rest

Capt Craig Freeman

Firefighter Jobs: Finding the Best Location for Your Talents

What Are Your Goals?

As you complete the necessary requirements to fulfill your goal of becoming a firefighter it’s time to find the best job for your specific skills. It is important in the job search process to establish realistic and meaningful goals for your future. If you dream of being chief one day, setting goals helps you take the first step in this journey.

Make sure to list on your resume specific talents that you bring to the table, … Read the rest

Capt Craig Freeman

Fire Department Careers at Your Fingertips

Start Your Career as a Firefighter

Establishing Meaningful Goals , is the hardest step to becoming a firefighter. Now it’s time to take that dedication and apply it to your career as a firefighter. Do you want to work in a small town or does the excitement of a big city draw you? Either way, we offer services that can help you find your perfect job. Do you have experience and are looking for a change of pace or … Read the rest

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Learning How to Be a Firefighter

It takes intense training and strong commitment, but the rewards of learning how to be a firefighter far outweigh the hard work required. Many of those who start out in firefighting quit/fail out before completing training, the ones who persevere will tell you that despite the hard work, the rewards are endless.

Steps to Learning How to Be a Firefighter

There are simple steps that will help you in your path to learning to be a firefighter. Most fire departments … Read the rest

Capt Craig Freeman

The Firefighter Exam

It’s Test Time

School’s out and fire departments are testing – the only thing standing between you and a job as a Firefighter is applying and participating in the recruitment. A multi test process, usually a written test, physical agility or CPAT, Oral Interview, polygraph, background, medical, Chiefs oral and other steps to which the fire department will establish an eligibility list and hire firefighters usually by ranking..

What to Expect on the Written Portion of the Exam

The test … Read the rest

Josh Sauberman

Firefighter Resumes & Applying to Jobs

One of the nice things about applying to firefighting jobs is that you generally fill out a government prepared application focused on the facts, and that information shoots straight into a content management system (CMS) that handles all the formatting and checking of basic requirements. Every application looks the same to the HR person responsible for sorting and organizing the hundreds (sometimes thousands) of applications that firefighter openings pull in. This makes their jobs not only easier, faster and more … Read the rest

Josh Sauberman


One of the greatest things about the fire service is the friendship and “family” that develops out of the time spent with people, who in all other professions would simply be ‘co-workers’. I’ve been working one full 24 hour day, every week, for almost two and a half years at the Cordelia Fire Protection District. I love it, and I love the people I work with. It would be untrue to say that I consider the entire department “family” or … Read the rest

Josh Sanders


Recently I posted a traditional written blog on and based on the positive response we received, I decided to share it with you here at FireCareers.  The topic of perspective is so important to me, and should be to you, not only because it pertains to your career journey but because gaining & keeping perspective is what life is all about.  There is also a short video blog for which we have provided a link to view that gives

Read the rest

Spring Clean from the inside out

You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest that it leaves your arms too full to embrace the present.

-Jan Glidewell                        


Spring Cleaning

People like “stuff”. We tend to hold onto it year after year. We save and stock up on things that we don’t know what to do with anymore. Maybe we keep things because they hold precious memories of days gone by, or they remind us of our parents, grandparents, past loves or childhood. To part … Read the rest

Capt Craig Freeman

Planning the 2012 Spring Firefighter 1 Academy Tour

Last year the FireCareersBus traveled across the United States visiting Firefighter 1 Academies and discussing important information about the hiring of firefighters in today economy.

We are now scheduling a local Spring Tour that will visit Firefighter 1 Academy programs here in California. We would like to schedule an hour of classroom time to present new information about the Work Styles Inventory written tests that are starting to be used across the Country for entry level testing.

Just recently I … Read the rest

Division Chief Paul Lepore

Another successful workshop

I am up in Northern California at the Las Positas college workshop on how to become a firefighter. What a great event put on by BC’s Helmick and Atlas. The cost was $12 to the students and included lunch. I even got to hang out with my old pal Craig Freema. What a fun day. It reminds me of why I got into the fie biz to begin with……… Read the rest

Personal Qualities Needed to Become a Firefighter

Working as a fire fighter entails physical and mental strength and endurance. With great responsibilities and difficult challenges that fire fighters face in times of fire incidents, sometimes strength and endurance aren’t enough. No matter how much training a fire fighter take, if they aren’t determined enough, the performance and work evaluation will only fall through.

Whenever a fire fighter applicant tries to get the job, senior fire fighters and recruiters do not consider physical aspects alone as there is … Read the rest

What I did on my Winter Vacation

My visit to Colonia New Jersey FD 

            So as a kid I never got the writing assignment, “What did you do over summer vacation?” So I thought I would write about my experiences while visiting friends, made while teaching at an academy for fire cadets. Mike Sherron and I teach at the Ohio Youth Fire and EMS Academy (OYFETA) which is where we met explorers and instructors from the Colonia FD. We hit it off immediately and converse regularly even … Read the rest

You are what you eat

We all eat, all day every day, and we all know the saying, “we are what we eat.”  But for some reason no one knows what to eat.  Should we eat more grapes or drink more red wine?  Are eggs a good source of protein or a source of bad cholesterol?  Do dairy foods help us gain weight or lose weight?

Nutrition is a funny science.  It’s the only field where people can scientifically prove opposing theories and still be … Read the rest

Batt. Chief Bob Atlas

How to Become A Firefighter Workshop

Have you ever wondered how to be successful in the entry level Firefighter hiring process?

Looking back 16 years ago we had no idea how to approach the task of becoming a career firefighter. However, it is now very clear that, if we had the information and experience that the Becoming a Firefighter Workshop provides we would have been significantly more prepared and definitely got hired sooner. The combination of the instructors, the material they present and the partnership with … Read the rest

Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski

Firefighter Code of Ethics – All Future / Current Firefighters Can Learn From This

In today’s daily Firehouse Magazine email (a great, free resource to keep you informed of fire service news stories), there was a great article that ALL current and future firefighters can learn from that is based on the actions of a small number of firefighters that are causing a black eye for the majority of firefighters who are trying to do the right thing.

It is a piece on the “Firefighter Code of Ethics,” and here are the opening comments:… Read the rest

Happy New Year, Happy You !

True life is lived when tiny changes occur.

-Leo Tolstoy

Cholesterol, Need to lower it?  Try Green Tea for starters

Looking for a simple resolution to improve your overall health? Start drinking green tea. My beverage of choice, green tea is a potent source of catechins – healthy antioxidants that can inhibit cancer cell activity and help boost immunity. Here are a few more reasons to drink Green tea.

 It can also:

Body heat and protein

Generate natural body heat on cold days by increasing your protein-rich dishes and warm beverages.

While adding on the layers is one way to keep the winter chill away, there are certain foods that  help warm us from the inside.  Warm soups and hot beverages are a natural, but some foods actually stimulate heat production more than others.

As temperatures drop, appetites perk up.  The cold, dark days of winter often bring on cravings for those good old fashioned comfort … Read the rest

Division Chief Paul Lepore

Filling out firefighter applications

I recently
spent four days with several other chief officers pouring through over 1,000 entry
level firefighter applications with a team of chief officers. Overall the
applications were very disappointing. The standout ones were awesome, but in
general the quality was pretty lackluster. Here are some of the things that we
as a group would like to pass along to aspiring firefighters.

Let’s start
with the basics. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. Often times a department will provide specific
instructions. This may
Read the rest

Capt Craig Freeman

U.S. FOREST SERVICE – Region 5 (California)

This is somefollow up info taken from a pdf flier. All California Forest Service areas are in this text and how to make application, Good Luck

U.S. FOREST SERVICE – Region 5 (California)
Forestry Aid and Forestry
Temporary Wildland Firefighter
2012 Fire Season
Apply Now – Contact Captains ASAP – Job Offers may be made in
January and February
The Forest Service requires talented people working safely together to be successful. Wildland firefighters work in
a variety of … Read the rest

What Is in the Firefighter One Exam?

The firefighter I exam, taken after completion of several classroom courses and hands-on training, prepares you for the next level of firefighter training and the firefighter II exam.

Healthy Holiday Appetizers


recently,  we went over four appetizers to steer clear of this holiday season – today we serve up healthy options for your cocktail plates!

  1. Crudités. The fiber in veggies will help fill you up, and they provide a nice, satisfying crunch. Choose a spectrum of colors (broccoli, cauliflower and carrots are good choices) and serve with low- or non-fat plain yogurt. Add some fresh herbs and seasonings for flavor.
  2. Mixed nuts. When eaten sparingly, nuts are a terrific snack. Walnuts
  3. Read the rest

Holiday appetizers to avoid

4 Worst Holiday Appetizers

Holiday parties are notorious for finger foods filled with high-glycemic carbohydrates and unhealthy fats. See a few of the worst below and stay tuned for some of the better choices.  Knowledge is power, so being aware of what you are eating makes all the difference –

  1. Dips. Skip the creamy, cheesy dips and opt for fresh salsa instead.
  2. Cocktail franks and mini-meatballs. Neither is a good source of lean protein and both can pack a
  3. Read the rest

Batt. Chief Bob Atlas

2012 Becoming A Firefighter Workshop

Now that the holiday season is officialy in full swing I wanted to take a moment to
wish you and your family a Happy and Safe Holiday Season. We all have much to be
thankful for at this time of year, the least of which is our family and friends. It
is with this thought that I say thank you to each of you for your friendship over
the years. For me it has been both an honor and a … Read the rest

Food Focus: Oils and Fats

Oils and Fats

Not all oils and fats are created equal. Heavily processed, hydrogenated, “trans” fats and oils that are used in prepared, packaged foods can be extremely damaging to the body. However, fats and oils from whole foods and other high-quality sources can steady our metabolism, keep hormone levels even, nourish our skin, hair and nails and provide lubrication to keep the body functioning fluidly. Our bodies also need fat for insulation and to protect and hold our organs … Read the rest

Increase Your Energy: Top Ten Ways

1)     Reduce or eliminate caffeine.

  • The ups and downs of caffeine include dehydration and blood sugar ups and downs, making mood swings more frequent.


2)     Drink water.

  • Most Americans are chronically dehydrated. Before you go to sugar or caffeine, have a glass of water and wait a few minutes to see what happens.
  • Caution: Soft drinks are now America’s number one source of added sugar.


3)     Eat dark leafy green vegetables.