Aaron Dean

Dear PFC,

Transforming dreams into reality is just one of the many valuable opportunities PFC provides. My dream came true, as I am now a Firefighter/Paramedic with the City of Sacramento (CA) Fire Department.

After eight years of test taking trials and tribulations, my dream is reality. Through persistence, spurred by a bone-deep desire to be a firefighter, my wife and I are elated about our future. We feel a peace that can only come from achieving one’s God given dream. The dreams of my wife are also coming true through our work together.

When a dream comes true for one, often times there is a supporting cast of many. With the sincerest of gratitude, I would like to thank my wife, our family, and the Good Lord for such an opportunity. Additionally, my sincerest appreciation goes to the family oriented company of PFC for continually providing the most current testing information available. From their onset when postcards were sent via snail mail to updates sent via e-mail, their commitment to such a noble profession is commendable, inspiring others to give back to the fire service.

Another person influential in my fire department testing success was Captain Bob. He has helped more than words can ever express. He is for real. (www.eatstress.com)

Together, the Perfect Firefighter Candidate and Captain Bob comprise a winning team all serious candidates should employ.

Years of unsuccessful testing have finally given way to achievement. A candidate may have not succeeded many times, yet it takes only one victory to erase past shortcomings.

Thank you to all who have helped this believer have the opportunity to live his dream. The sun shines brightly once again.

Aaron Dean
Sacramento Fire Department

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