Capt Craig Freeman

A firefighter career can be yours

If you’re looking to begin a firefighter career but don’t know where to start, visit Fire Careers. We can help.

How to get started with a firefighter career

There are lots of great things you can do to increase your chances of getting a job as a firefighter. These include earning a bachelors degree, earning an EMT license, and graduating from a Fire Academy. Volunteer experience is also extremely useful, along with working for the local Department of Forestry. A paramedic license and experience working as a paramedic is another bonus.

Kick-start your firefighter career at Fire Careers

 If you’re looking for a firefighter career, you need Fire Careers. A National Fire Department recruitment service, we cover positions of all levels right across the fire spectrum. Subscribe and you’ll be notified of new positions via email, text message or Facebook. We’ll tell you who to contact, the application deadline, the salary and the job title.

A monthly subscription costs just $9.95. What are you waiting for?

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