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Casa De Amor Ojai Ca. 93023



Private and secluded oasis with a breathtaking free form pool with lavish gardens


ISqlteg8cwxopr0000000000Summer time Bar-B-Q pool parties will have you feeling like you’ve traveled to a far-flung vacation destination, enjoy the Ojai pink moment relax in the lavish gardens with abundant space, find your inner peace and discover a true Shangri-la.  Sensations will be harmonized with the fengshui of stone, water, fire and clean air that will envelop and engage all your sensations.


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Florida Needs Firefighters

Over 55% of firefighters in Florida are CAREER firefighters. With 477 departments across the State 64.9% of all departments have full time CAREER FIREFIGHTERS, or about 310 fire departments are looking to hire CAREER FIREFIGHTERS.

Are you interested in becoming a CAREER FIREFIGHTER in Florida? We can help, our system has been in place for 32 years and we have the 411 on Florida firefighter recruitment. Our firefighter jobs boards are up-dated daily, our team of dedicated research specialists are … Read the rest

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Are you Ready?

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Securing firefighter employment with Fire Career’s help

Fireman employment throughout the United States is fiercely competitive.

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Finding jobs as a firefighter

Online fire recruitment service, Fire Careers, has devoted the last three decades to helping Americans secure jobs as a fireman.

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Becoming a firefighter made simple

There are several other qualifications that those looking into becoming a firefighter can gain to make finding employment that much easier.

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Securing your new job as a firefighter

For 30 years, recruitment service Fire Careers has helped individuals throughout the United States to find their next job as a fireman.

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Identifying the right firefighter job

Whether you’re an ambitious trainee or a senior firefighter, we can support you in achieving your fireman job goals.

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Finding your first job as a firefighter

. As a result, the initial steps to secure an entry-level job as a fireman can feel, at times, overwhelming

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How to Become a Firefighter

We pride ourselves on offering no-nonsense advice and up-to-the-minute information, regarding how to become a firefighter.

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Have you received your fire certification? Follow it up with a job thanks to Fire Careers

As with most jobs, seeking fire certification or employment as a firefighter is not without its challenges. Applicants require certain credentials before applying, such as Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training and a high school diploma. A college degree, the ability to speak multiple languages and pre-existing certification as a Firefighter are useful, too.

Furthering your fire certification education

Many firefighters are given the opportunity to extend their fire certification and knowledge by attending night school, where they study fire science … Read the rest

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Why You Should Become a Firefighter

We utilize these, to bring you first opportunities to become a firefighter.

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Your first step to becoming a fire fighter

Do you have your heart set on becoming a fire fighter? Fire Careers can help. We boast expertise in the training and prerequisites you need in order to be successful in the field.

Qualifications necessary for becoming a fire fighter

There are certain qualifications that are guaranteed to help you with becoming a fire fighter. These include:

  • Being at least 18 years old at the time of your application
  • A high school diploma, or GED
  • Valid driver’s license
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Secure a career in firefighting

The roles and responsibilities associated with a career in firefighting have evolved over time. Traditionally, a firefighting career meant: controlling and extinguishing fires; fire prevention; and life and property protection.

Today, in addition to the above responsibilities, a modern firefighter must be adept at: disaster response; environmental awareness; and emergency response.

A U.S. career in firefighting

A career in firefighting has never been more fiercely competitive. Specialist recruitment service Fire Careers can help to shape your applications and streamline your … Read the rest

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How to become a fire fighter

A lot of hard work and preparation goes into learning how to become a fire fighter. It’s both a physically and mentally demanding career path, and recruiters select only the best of the best.

Just a few of the basic requirements of how to become a fire fighter include:

  • Age. Applicants must be 18 and over to take fire fighting exams, and at least 21 to be hired.
  • Personal history. Past records are all thoroughly reviewed including residency, driving,
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Firefighting as a Career

Firefighting as a career is fiercely competitive. Whether you’re eager to secure your first entry-level role, or would like to advance within the industry, it’s important that you utilize all the advantages available to you.

Fire Careers is a long-established fire recruitment service. We have access to nationwide job and training opportunities as soon as they’re made available. Don’t waste time trawling through different websites or publications, trying to keep track of which department’s offering what role at which pay … Read the rest

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Fire Careers’ Advice to Become a Fire Fighter

Fire Careers recruitment service can help to make it happen. The journey to become a fire fighter isn’t easy.